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Inspection Agency Accreditation

Special Inspection Agency - IAS AC 291 - Firestopping - Special Inspection Agency Accreditation for Firestop System Inspection Companies

FCIA has invested resources in the proper "DIIM" - Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance/Management - of Firestopping.

In addition to a FCIA Member Specialty Firestop Contractor or FM 4991 Approved and/or UL/ULC Qualified Contractor, Special Inspection of installed Firestop Systems by an AHJ 'Approved' Special Inspection Agency Company that employs AHJ 'Approved' Special Inspectors is needed to verify that the Contractor's Quality Management System is working.

Learn more about what is required by the International Building Code, Chapter 17 for Firestop and other Special Inspection.


FCIA Member, IAS Accredited Firestop Inspection Firms

Butler Engineering (ME)
Sajid Raza, IAS AC291 Accredited
971 (4) 39 22 001
Compass Inspection Consultants, Inc.
William Wood, IAS AC291 Accredited
Laguna Hills
(310) 418-2583
Katz Engineering
Yuri Katz, P.E., IAS AC291 Accredited
New York
(212) 244-7070
Sound Fire & Life Safety Inspection Services, LLC
Tom Smith, IAS AC291 Accredited
(206) 621-1686
Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants
Tom Bell-Wright, IAS AC291 Accredited

#) Inspector Firms with branches
*) Inspector Firms that are a branch of another member

Firestop Inspection Agencies, Want to become an IAS Accredited Firestop Inspection Firm?

Does your firm want to become an Approved Agency employing Approved Special Inspectors?  Then it's time to consider becoming an IAS AC 291 Accredited Special Inspection Agency. 

Special Inspection Agency (SIA) Companies who wish to be accredited under this IAS AC 291 Accreditation Program must: 

Once the IAS AC 291 application has been received, here i’s how the IAS will review and assess the Special Inspection Agency Company seeking Accreditation:

  • After receipt of application, fee and quality system documentation, IAS staff will review the submittal and provide written feedback. The review comments are based on adequacy of compliance of the quality documentation to the requirements of IAS AC291 requirements.
  • The SIA needs to review the written response from IAS, and if further revisions are needed to the Quality Management System documentation, the firm will need to revise the quality documentation accordingly. IAS staff will then review the revisions and will determine if all requirements of IAS AC 291 documentation have been satisfied
  • Once the quality system documentation is satisfactory, IAS will coordinate with the applicant SIA a field and office visit assessment.  Usually, IAS expects the assessment per SIA (depending on the size of the inspection agency) to be 1.5 days or 2-days for 2 people - in other words, 2-persons conducting an assessment in 1-2 days.  One person will be in the field assessing a sampling of the inspectors (1 or 2 inspectors), and one person will be in the office reviewing the implementation of the documented quality system as per IAS AC 291.  At the conclusion of the assessment, IAS should be able to present a written report of the assessment findings.
  • The SIA has 30-days to submit a written response to the assessment findings, if any.  IAS staff will review the written response and make a determination of its adequacy. If response is not satisfactory further correspondence may result.
  • If assessment findings are satisfactory, IAS will prepare a Certificate of Accreditation and send a preliminary copy of the certificate to the SIA for review and approval. IAS will finalize the certificate after written approval is received from the SIA.
  • The certificate is valid for one year. IAS will reassess the SIA on an annual basis (see attached flow chart).
  • IAS will invoice the assessment cost to the SIA towards the office and field visit for 2-persons. The costs will include assessment time, travel time and travel costs (airfare, hotel, car, food, parking, mileage, etc.). IAS will combine assessments with multiple clients to apportion the travel fare and travel time costs.


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The IAS AC 291 Accreditation Program for Firestop Inspectors details are in the attachments and the descriptions. 

Accreditation criteria AC 291 for IBC® Special Inspection Agencies

Get a Quote for Special Inspection Agency Accreditation

Accreditation Programs Flowchart

Application for accreditation as an IBC® Special Inspection Agency

Rules of procedure for IBC Special Inspection Agency accreditation

The FM 4991 Approved Contractor and UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Programs are complimentary to the ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Standards for the Inspection of Firestop Systems. 

A contractor who has invested in the FM or UL Programs, inspected by a Special Inspection Agency firm that meets AC 291 Standards, and inspects to the ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 procedures, results in a balanced firestop applicatoin.

The 3rd party independent inspection validates that the installation quality process is working. The FM 4991 Approved or UL-ULC Qualified firestop contractor makes the inspection easier for the special inspection agency.