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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

FM 4991, Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors

Important information about how Contractors Earn FM 4991 Approval:

What does it take to get FM 4991 Approved ?

1.  Download the FM 4991 Standard

2.  Study the FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice

3.  Take the FM Firestop Exam.

4.  Write a company Management System Manual.  Join FCIA to access the FCIA Sample Management System Manual, for use as a 'template' to start your manual.  (Once joining, find in Members Only)

5.  Have FM Approvals audit your company quality management system a the office, and on the jobsite.

6.  Once the company is FM 4991 Approved, the person who passed the FM Firestop Exam becomes a "DRI', Designated Responsible Individual. 

The links below step you through the process.  Contact the FCIA Office at +1 708-202-1108 if you have questions.

FCIA's Accreditation Committee worked with FM Approvals to develop this program, and meets continually to maintain it.  This page contains information needed to get Approved.

FM 4991 Standard

The link below is the complete FM 4991 Standard, PDF, from FM Approvals.  It is required reading to get approved, and the first step. 

Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors, Class 4991

FM Approvals, Member of the FM Global Group, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) involved in testing products, materials and services useful to property conservation. The enclosed standard formalizes our continued commitment to better serve the loss prevention community by providing an equipment listing service for use by FM Global, authorities having jurisdiction and other interested authorities.

FM 4991 Contractor Quality Manual Development Guidelines by Jeff Gould, FM Approvals

FM Approvals' Jeff Gould presented this powerpoint presentation about how to develop a quality manual.  Below it is the FM Document that explains how to create a Quality Manual documenting the Firestop Contractor Firm's Quality Managment System. 

FM 4991 Quality Control Manual Guide Powerpoint

Suggested Quality Control Manual Guidelines

Firestop Contractor Audits by FM Personnel - Initial Facilities and Procedures Audit Guidelines

FM 4991 & Contractor DRI FM Testing Study Manual - The FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice (MOP)

To become an FM 4991 DRI, the MOP is a must-have for you to study.  It is available from FCIA, at a huge discount for FCIA Members.  Join today if you haven't already. 

Checklist of items for Firestop Contractors seeking FM 4991 Approval for their firm

Need to report CEU's attained?
FM 4991 Contractor DRI CEU Reporting Information

Below are forms to submit DRI CEU activities to FM Approvals for continued FM DRI Status in the FM 4991 Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractor Program.  In 2015, a change was made to modify the FM Firestop Exam re-examination requirements.  The new criteria refines the definition of CEU.  It also adds and defines a new term - Learning Unit (LU).  Per the new requirements:

1 CEU = 8 LUs

The DRI is required to maintain nine (9) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or 72 Learning Units (LUs) in order to waive the written FM Firestop Re-exam every three (3) years.

In the event that the DRI has less than nine (9) CEUs but greater than six (6) CEUs, the DRI will be required to take - AND PASS - the written FM Firestop RE-EXAM every three (3) years.

If the DRI has less than six (6) CEUs within three (3) years, the DRI will be required to take - AND PASS - the ORIGINAL FM Firestop Exam.

Here's how you earn CEU's:

  1. Attend the full FCIA Conferences - 12 LUs
  2. Attend FCIA Educational Webinars - 1 LU for each hour attended, Certificate issued for actual time spent on the Webinar
  3. Attend a Fire Protection Conference, NFPA Seminar, International Code Council, AIA, ALA, Construction Specifications Institute national or local chapter meetings where the topics covered are loss prevention, fire containment, building codes and other construction related topics at the discretion of FM Approvals - 1 LU for each hour attended
  4. Attend FCIA Total Fire Protection Systems Symposium - Up to 12 LUs
  5. Attend FCIA Effective Compartmentation Symposiums - Up to 12 LUs
  6. Hold staff education where the DRI is the instructor - 1 LU for each hour presented
  7. Present to Specifiers, Building Officials, Fire Marshals and Code Officials where the DRI is the instructor - 1 LU for each hour presented
  8. And more...


*NOTE: FM Approvals determines CEU Values for #3-8. 

FM 4991 DRI CEU Requirements and Reporting Form
FM 4991 DRI CEU Firestop Presentation Report Form
FM 4991 DRI CEU Firestop Presentation Attendee Sign in Form

FCIA Specification with FM 4991 included

FCIA has written a suggested specification for professionals to use when specifying Firestopping for all disciplines.

Firestopping Penetrations, Joints and Perimeter Fire Containment

You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view any of these documents.

For more information about how to become an FM 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor, contact the FCIA Office at (708) 202-1108, or email us.


QC info - suggested guildelines
Firestop Initial F&PA Guidelines


Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors, Class 4991

FCIA worked with FM Approvals to develop FM 4991 in 1999 and 2000.  FM 4991, Standard for Approval of Firestop Contractors, is a quality installation protocol for firestop systems installation. FM 4991 is the quality standard from which Specialty Firestop Contractors can be qualified for zero tolerance Firestop Systems installation.

FM 4991 and the ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Standards for the Inspection of Firestop Systems, are complimentary programs.  A contractor who has invested in FM 4991, inspected by a Consultant to the ASTM Standards, means quality contractors, with a project inspection to validate the installation quality process is working.

FM 4991 was the first program of its type to be accepted nationwide by architects and engineers through programs like MasterSpec, SpecLink and other master specifications at leading architectural firms specifying projects worldwide.

To become approved, the contractor firm appoints a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI).  To become a DRI the person must past a rigorous industry exam to become the key person in the firm to monitor the firestopping quality managment process.

Once a DRI is in place, the contractor firm then authorizes and pays FM Approvals to audit the contracting firm's procedures as listed in their Quality Manual to confirm that the firm's processes meet their own quality manual statements for Firestop Systems instllation. A field audit of a jobsite is also part of the process, with a destructive test , performed to verify the management process works in the field.

FM 4991 Approval is only given those companies who have passed the Intial Facility and Prodedure Audit Process, and employ a person that has passed the FM 4991 DRI Exam.

Follow up Audits are performed by FM Approvals yearly by FM Personnel. DRI's must retest and provide verification of CEU eligible Education sessions attended every three years.  Testing and CEU's occurs at FCIA Conferences.

The FCIA Firestop Contractor Members donated time and energy to develop and maintain this program, a new trend in the Construction Industry - a Quality Process Protocol program for Specialty Firestop Contractors that can be specified quantitatively to qualify a contractor for better Fire and Life safety in buildings.

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