The FCIA's mission is for member organizations to be recognized throughout the construction industry as preferred quality contractors of life safety firestop systems. JOIN FCIA TODAY!

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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

Membership Committee

Mark Dietz (763) 571-7464 Superl, Inc.
Jerry Dugan (432) 335-8200 Firestopping Specialist

Adam Carter (216) 252-9590 Superior Industrial Insulation Co.
Jodi Clem (925) 667-2088 PREVENT Life Safety Services
Jim Johnson (781) 391-2070 General Insulation Company
Jim Smiley (647) 223-6730 Dew Point Insulation Systems
Ravi Subramanyam, DRI (FM) 00971-65-43-0574 Rise & Shine Contracting LLP
David White, DRI (FM,UL) (337) 981-3312 D.W. Firestopping

Membership Committee Charter

The Membership Committee is responsible for building member benefits to create value for members.  The committee is also responsible for contacting potential new members and communicating the benefits of FCIA Membership, worldwide. It is also the group's charge to build ways to retain existing members as part of the association, key to association growth.


Committee Update

FCIA's Membership Committee has had successful educational symposiums in Calgary and Ottawa, Canada, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Doha, Qatar to serve members throughout North America and the Middle East.  We garnered a North American Industry Classification Code (NAICS) for Firestopping, have many members using The Phoenix Group for General Liability and / or Workers Compensation Insurance...and all the other great programs at FCIA that have resulted and excellent growth of the membership.

Membership retention has been at between 85-91% year after year, has been a tribute to FCIA's membership and cutting edge programs.

Committee News 2010

FCIA's Membership Committee worked with FCIA Staff to build membership from around the globe.  The Committee pushed for and had a successful FCIA Educational Seminar in Abu Dhabi UAE and Qatar in 2010.  Membership continues to grow in the US and Canada, Middle East and Taiwan.

Committee News January 10, 2009

FCIA's Membership Committee had another prodeuctive year.  With membership breaking the 200 mark late summer, and a finish at 217 Members, the group is well pleased.  FCIA Membership growth came in the most important category, voting contractor membership.  We value all members, contractors, manufacturers, reps, distributors, consultants...and look forward to a successful 2009. 

FCIA's basic value proposition continues to be communicated:

  • - #1 Google result when searching for Firestop Contractors worldwide.
  • FCIA Enewsletters
  • FCIA's Life Safety Digest
  • FCIA Committee Involvement means involvement in Strategic Direction of the Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation Industries...and active relationshipw with:
    • FM & UL Programs
    • Inspector Accreditation Programs
    • Technical, Education, Standards Development
    • Code Development
    • Relationships with industry influences
  • And much, much more...

FCIA's membership committee brought a big new benefit to FCIA Members in 2009, including the new FCIA Sponsored Insurance Program through the Phoenix Insurance Group. See FCIA's new Insurance page for more information. 

The committee is working on International Membership growth outside North America in 2009, in addition to forming a new foundation for research and advancement of the Life Safety industry.

Look for benefits of membership that the committee has been assembling on the FCIA Membership Pages through the year.

FCIA's Angie Sims works closely with the committee.


Information updated on Feb. 15, 2008

FCIA’s Membership Committee has worked towards growing the FCIA Membership while acting to retain members as well. As a result of a focused membership marketing campaign to contact and recruit new members, FCIA’s Membership Committee has had a very successful 2007 new member drive, resulting in a 18% increase in membership for 2007, while retaining almost 90% of members.  FCIA's membership increased almost completely in contractor voting memberships, which was a primary goal of the drive. 

FCIA's 2008 Membership Drive is underway and we need everyone's help to make our numbers.  Be a membership promoter, contact someone and recruit a member to FCIA.  After your contact, forward information about a prospective member to Angie Sims at FCIA's office (, and she'll do the rest providing information about the group, and followups as well.

Recruting more companies to join FCIA helps our industry to bring contractors, manufacturers and associates into the group to foster industry discussion and direction. 

To join the committee, contact Bill Hoos, Chair, FCIA Membership Committee listed above.  

Information updated on Feb 15, 2007

Bill Hoos & Allen Rams, FCIA Membership Committee Chairs

FCIA’s Membership Committee has worked towards growing the FCIA Membership while acting to retain members as well. The following programs were developed to meet both goals of new membership and retain existing members.

Membership Retention – The many programs at FCIA are designed to provide service to FCIA Members. These programs that help retain members, while finding and garnering new members include…

FCIA Website

Google Search - The #1 result from GOOGLE Searching, is Firms who want to learn about the firestopping industry and Effective Compartmentation, visit

Member List - The #1 visited place on is the member lists…creating leads for members, and a great portal to the outside world.

Resources – FCIA’s Life Safety Digest, Articles, Enews Archives, Presentations, FM Approval, UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, all reside on

FCIA Enewsletter – FCIA’s Enewsletter continues to serve members.

FCIA Life Safety Digest, the Magazine of Effective Compartmentation

- Serves existing and potential members, builds the firestopping and effective compartmentation industry.

- Mailing List – FCIA Member and Non Member Contractors, Fire Marshals, Building Officials, Architects, Engineers, Specifiers, General Contractors are all part of the subscriber list.

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show plus FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference

Conferences allow members to become ‘part of the group’.

Conferences mean opportunity to communicate with potential new members.

Conferences build relationships, the lifeblood of an association.

FM 4991 Approval of Firestop Contractors & UL Qualified Contractor Program

Accreditation brings credibility to contractors

FCIA provides education, testing opportunities for members.

ASTM Inspection Standards

FCIA provides opportunity for inspection firms to join.

FCIA Code & Specification Advocacy

FCIA’s Presentations & work at

CSI National Convention Presentation and Display



BOMA, Chief Engineers

Building Code, Fire Marshal groups



…all meant specialty firestop contractors gain credibility.

As a result of these programs and a focused membership marketing campaign to contact and recruit new members, FCIA’s Membership Committee has had a very successful 2006 new member and retention year.

FCIA added Evie Caprel as Associate Director of Membership Development and Marketing. Evie worked with the Membership Committee contacting potential new contractor members of FCIA throughout the US and Canada.

FCIA Membership increased in 2006 from 120 members in 2005 to 140 members in 2006. Most importantly, the key contractor membership ranks passed the 100 contractor mark in December, 2006.

FCIA Membership End of Year 2005 – End of Year 2006

2006 – 100 Contractor, 11 Contractor Branch 10 Mfrs. 20 Assoc. 141

2005 – 84 Contractor 7 Contractor Branch 13 Mfrs. 17 Assoc. 121

FCIA’s Membership Committee 2007 goals include:

- Grow FCIA’s Membership by adding …

*Contractors & International Contractors


*Associates - Consultants, Sales Representatives, Distributors, Subscriber Members

FCIA’s Membership Committee is again aiming to grow FCIA Contractor, Associate and Manufacturer Membership in 2007. Through mail, email, personal FCIA Staff and FCIA Member phone contact, FCIA will recruit new members. Look for a new associate membership development campaign to kick off the first quarter of 2007.


FCIA Membership Committee 2005 Results - Allen Rams, FCIA 2005 Membership Committee Chair

In 2005, FCIA added 14 new contractor locations. Total Contractor membership is 90 firms, including 83 main contractor locations and 7 branch operations.

FCIA Membership Committee Announces 2006 Growth Goal

For 2006, the committee has set a goal to double FCIA's Contractor Membership. Enlisting the help of the committee, past presidents, and other FCIA Leaders, the group will make contact throughout the year to recruit new members, according to Allen Rams, Membership Committee Chair.

We always welcome new committee members. Please fill out our our committee application form to apply.

List of Committees