The FCIA's mission is for member organizations to be recognized throughout the construction industry as preferred quality contractors of life safety firestop systems. JOIN FCIA TODAY!

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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

Membership Benefits


FCIA Membership provides benefits that show immediate and long tern returns to Members. Here's a listing of why Firestop Specialty Contractor Firms and Manufacturers Join FCIA:

  • FCIA's Firestop Industry Manual of Practice at a $600 USD discount vs. non members.
  • FCIA Conference discounts up to $940 USD per person vs. non members.  (Includes registration, Quality Systems Manual seminar, and FM Approved/UL Accredited exam review.)
  • FCIA Website Listing - A Google Search for Firestopping brings up FCIA first on the list.  With approximately. 20,000 visits per year from General Contractors, Architects, Code Officials, FCIA Members have received project contracts as a result of this membership benefit.
  • FCIA E-Newsletter - Published at least 6 times per year, FCIA keeps you informed about industry issues and perspectives.
  • Life Safety Digest - 'The Magazine of Effective Compartmentation', a quarterly publication. Members recieve a 25% discount on advertising in the magazine.
  • Additional Benefits - FCIA's Office and Members promote the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept to the Industry as its highest priority. Here are some key ongoing activities of FCIA that benefit membership.

    • Liaison - FCIA works with NFPA, National Association of State Fire Marshals, Construction Specifications Institute, Construction Specifications Canada, American Institute Of Architects, Association of Licensed Architects, Owner and other influential groups to promote the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept as the best way to protect fire and life safety in buildings.
    • Presentations - FCIA Members and Staff have presented "The Firestopping Quality Process" to CSI, AIA, ASTM and many other industry groups. FCIA's AIA CES Architectural Presentation Programs can be delivered by qualified FCIA Contractors for AIA Credit, saving the member over $500/year. Visit members only, presentations pages for the programs.
    • Trade Shows - FCIA's Trade Show Booth panels have been used by many contractor members at their own shows because it is very generic. Look like your marketing budget is huge! Pay the freight, and use the FCIA Booth for your local trade show.
    • Promotion of the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept at Code - Specification Organizations - FCIA has a seat on the NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Protection Features, where we work with other industry leaders to improve fire and life safety in buildings. Additionally, FCIA is active in International Building Code Process by attending National International Code Council, (ICC) family of Code Hearings. Plus, we work with national master specification agencies in the US and Canada.

In addition to the industry promotion, FCIA Members benefit from their own participation in FCIA activities and using FCIA's Industry Resources:

  • FCIA Conferences -
    • Education and Committee Action Conference allows members to attend seminars on firestopping and related issues, plus meet in committees to get things done.
    • Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show features industry leading seminars, an industry awards banquet, a display of the firestopping industry while forming relationships with contractors and manufacturers worldwide. Plus, Conferences provide an opportunity to address issues/concerns relating to the building codes, applications, materials, testing, equipment, legal and information about how to be a more successful firestop contractor. FCIA Members actively participate in demonstrations, technical sessions and open discussions with industry peers.
  • FCIA Committees -
    • FCIA's Accreditation and Technical Committees developed "The Firestoppng Quality Process". The process consists of "Tested and Listed Systems from FCIA Member Manufacturers, installed by FCIA Member, FM 4991 Approved Contractors, Inspected by ASTM E 2174/2393 Inspection Process, Maintained by FCIA Member, FM 4991 Contractors".
    • FCIA Code Committee develops strategy for code development proposals that add fire and life safety to the code.
    • FCIA Standards Committee works with UL and ASTM to advocate that testing standards reflect real world conditions.
    • FCIA Technical Committee maintains the FCIA Manual of Practice.
    • FCIA Education Committee develops presentations used by members to educate their workforce, staff, fire marshals, code officials, architects and others.
    • FCIA Apprenticeship Committee has developed Standards for workforce devleopment.  Watch for more on this in the coming year.
    • FCIA Program Committee chooses sites and recommends agenda content and speakers.
  • FCIA's Manual of Practice - FCIA's Firestop Manual of Practice is the knowledge book for you and your staff.  A requirment for taking the FM and UL/ULC Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) Exam, the MOP is available to members at $295, vs. non members at $895...a $600 savings.
  • FCIA's Website - FCIA is the FCIA Member Contractor, Architect/Engineer and Code Official/Fire Marshal's Technical Resource with documents for contractors to use in submittals, information about new programs in the industry, Powerpoint Presentations for use virtually anywhere, all promoting the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept.
  • FCIA's PR Campaign has been successful getting the word out about Specialty Firestop Contractors, and the work we've done to improve our industry.

Learn more about the Qualifications for Membership.

For the chance to be a part of a collective voice in the growing firestop industry, join FCIA Now.  Fill out the form for your membership type and email to, mail or FAX to FCIA with payment. For an email with membership benefits information, fill out the online information form.









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