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Barrier Management Symposium

Produced by The Joint Commission, ASHE, UL & FCIA




Fire and Smoke Barriers in buildings are there to protect building occupants, staff and first responders when called upon for horizontal evacuations or defend-in-place strategies behind fire- or smoke-resistant barriers.  In order for these Fire and Smoke Barriers to function as designed and intended, including Firestopping, Fire Dampers, Fire-rated Glazing and Fire Doors, they need to be continuous, intact, and maintained as a critical piece of Effective Compartmentation.

The Barrier Management Symposium

is a one- or two-day Symposium

focused on increasing the awareness

about how the various Barriers are

'D'esigned, 'I'nstalled, 'I'nspected and 'M'aintained and 'M'anaged

for long-term fire- and life-safety.

Hosted around North America by ASHE Regions and Chapters, APPA Chapters, and ICC Chapters, the programs feature technical education from industry experts on the various elements of Barrier Management.  This empowers Facility Management staff to make and implement changes which reduce Survey violations and improve installed fire- and life-safety systems in their facilities. 

FCIA Barrier Management Service Providers, including Contractors, Inspection Agencies, Manufacturers, Distributors and others can help Building Owners and Managers maintain these critical barriers.

The Barrier Management Symposium brings critical education to Healthcare, Education and all facility management personnel.  Interested in attending?  Looking for a presentation from a past program?

Barrier Management Symposium Video Series

Who Should Attend*?

  • ASHE National and State Chapter Healthcare Facility Engineers, Directors & their staff
  • APPA National and Regional Chapter Facility Engineer Members, Directors & their staff
  • ICC Governmental Building Code Official or Fire Marshal Members
  • Staff at Healthcare and Educational Facilities

What Will I Learn?

  • Hear how ffre-resistance-rated products become Firestop Systems when installed by qualified specialty Firestop Contractors to the Manufacturer's installation instructions and tested and listed system specs.
  • Learn about how proper Systems Selection & 'D"esign, 'I'nstallation, 'I'nspection and 'M'aintenance - the 'DIIM' of Firestopping - builds reliable Effective Compartmentation.
  • Examin how to improve the fire- and life-safety through Effective Compartmentation.
  • Gain new and additional knowledge about how to purchase, evaluate and manage Fire and Smoke Barrier technologies.

To learn more, check out a DRAFT AGENDA. 

For more information on hosting a Barrier Management Symposium near you, contact FCIA Staff.


Current Symposium Information


Past Symposium Information & PRESENTATION ARCHIVE



* Attendees need not be ASHE, APPA, or ICC Members, but they must be a Healthcare or Educational Facility Director, Healthcare or Educational Facility Engineer/Staff, or ICC Governmental Member.  We encourage you to find out more about membership in these professional organizations.