Response to Ads about Firestopping

August 18, 2005

By Bill McHugh for Bob LeClair, FCIA 2005 President

Below is a letter from Bob LeClair, FCIA 2005 President & FCIA's Board, responding to issues in advertisements about "Systems Selection" (PVC Donuts ad) in the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada's National Bulletin Magazine. FCIA is there to provide the industry with FCIA Member Specialty Firestop Contractors that can provide systems selection and qualified installers through their firm.

FCIA, under a separate letter, has asked the IFC manufacturers organization to respond to claims by another advertiser (Anti Plastic anti Firestop ad) about "Product technology". This ad was placed by the Canadian Cast Iron and Soil Pipe Institute. We also have asked UL and IFC for information that FCIA can provide members should it come up during the course of doing business.

FCIA continues to forge relationships proactively and through industry responses like the one below. Thanks to FCIA Members, Cam Phibbs, Interprovincial Insulation, (Ottawa, ONT, CANADA) and Scott Rankin, Pyro-Stop, LLC, (Philadelphia, PA, US) for sage advice...and FCIA Member Don Falconer, A/D FIREBARRIER Products (Toronto, CANADA), for making us aware of the ads.

Bill for Bob LeClair, AF Underhill, Inc.
Bill McHugh
FCIA Executive Director

See IFC responses for the System Selection and System Technology Ads.

August 18, 2005

Richard McKeagan, President
Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
#804-280 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G8 CANADA

RE: Piping ads in MCAC Magazine

Dear Mr. McKeagan,

The Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) was made aware of an advertisement regarding firestopping around pipe penetrations placed in the Mechnical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) National Bulletin Magazine. The ad, featured doughnuts and mentioned the complicity of firestopping, as a detriment to plastic piping usage in buildings due to firestop 'doughnuts'...and the manufacturers refusal to select the proper firestopping for specific applications.

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of a group of Canadian Firestopping Contractors that can provide a valuable service to MCAC Members and Bibby Ste-Croix customers. FCIA Member Firestopping Contractors specialize in the selection and installation of firestop systems for specific applications of all types. Recommending that MCAC Members use Specialty Firestopping Contractors will remove the liability and economic risk of firestopping on construction projects from their portfolio.

FCIA Member Firestopping firms can be found on FCIA's website, https://www.fcia.org . Also, many resources about firestopping and the "Firestop Quality Process" can be found in the FCIA Articles, posted at https://www.fcia.org/articles.htm . A recent article appeared in Construction Specifications Canada, featuring the quality process a specialty firestopping contractor brings to the construction industry.

We look forward to MCAC promoting fire and life safety through the use of firestop systems installed by specialty firestop contractor firms with trained craftsmen who specialize in this segment of life safety construction. FCIA Firestop Contractors are experts at selecting appropriate firestop materials, and ensuring that they are installed as a firestop system. We also look forward to portions of this letter being published in the MCAC Magazine’s letter to the editor, and would be pleased to provide further information and articles on firestopping as well to serve the MCAC Membership and customers of Advertisers. There may be Mechanical Contractors who would want to be part of FCIA’s Membership, if they choose to become active in Firestopping.

Please respond to this letter so we may work together to promote fire and life safety through firestopping services by FCIA Member Specialty Firestop Contractors .

Bob LeClair, FCIA 2005 President

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