1st UL Qualified Firestop Contractor

January 5, 2008

From the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA)

"Gleeson Powers, Inc. recently received UL qualification as the 1st UL Qualified Firestop Contractor from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), culminating a 2-1/2 year effort by the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) to build quality and reliability in the firestopping industry"

UL’s program qualifies contractor firms that have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and a comprehensive management system that specifically focus on the selection and installation of firestop systems.

Under this program, Gleeson Powers, Inc. has established a Management System specifically focused on the proper selection and installation of firestop systems. Additionally, the firm has demonstrated knowledge of selection and installation of firestop systems as evidenced by the successful performance in a written examination by the company’s “Designated Responsible Individual” (DRI). Gleeson Powers, Inc. President Aedan Gleeson said,  “The UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program challenged our company to be the best at what we do. It has made us a better company by implementing quality processes in our work. And we expect to gain big benefits by achieving UL Qualified Firestop Contractor status.”

The UL Qualified Contractor Program provides specifiers, general contractors, building owners and managers, plus Authorities Having Jurisdiction’s (AHJ’) s a resource to specify, identify and select specialty firestop contractors that have been assessed for their knowledge and best practices by UL, an independent, third-party. The Program makes it possible for Specialty Firestop Contractors to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through third-party assessment and certification. The contractor firm systems audited under this program provide an integrated approach – demonstrated knowledge and management system – to controlling the processes in addressing architectural, AHJ and customer requirements.

To earn UL Qualified Firestop Contractor status, a contractor firm’s DRI must pass a three-hour written exam based on the FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice, UL Program Requirements, and specific country publications. The contractor firm itself must pass a UL-administered audit of the processes that make its management system, both at the contractor’s facility and as applied on the job site. The audit is to verify that processes exist and are being used effectively in the field and office.

New Concept in the Construction Industry
“With this new UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, FCIA has succeeded in establishing standards for the Firestop Quality Installation Process, part of the DIIM (Proper Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance) approach”, states FCIA’s Executive Director Bill McHugh. .   

  1. Design – Specifications for design professionals at https://www.fcia.org 
  2. Installation  - UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program
  3. Inspection - ASTM E 2174 and ASTM E 2393 Inspection Standards
  4. Maintenance - FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice

Watch FCIA and UL’s websites for new UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Firms as they pass requirements of the program.

https://www.fcia.org/ulapproval.phphttp://www.ul.com/contractor/firestop.html ~ http://www.gleesonpowers.com

About UL:

Underwriters Laboratories  is an independent, not-for-profit product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Standards for Safety  for over a century.  UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems annually with21 billion UL Marks appearing on 71,000 manufacturers’ products each year.  UL’s worldwide family of companies and network of service providers includes 66 laboratory, testing and certification facilities serving customers in 104 countries.  Visit: www.ul.com/newsroom.

About FCIA:

The Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) is a trade association of firestop contractor, manufacturer and associate members who believe in the Total Fire Protection Concept. FCIA and its members are active in the code, Standards and Specification Development process with ICC, NFPA, ASTM, UL and FM, CSI, and SCIP. FCIA’s Firestop Industry Manual of Practice is recognized as a must read in the firestopping industry.  FCIA’s https://www.fcia.org website is chock full of information about firestopping and effective compartmentation as a resource for the industry, not just FCIA members.  And, FCIA Life Safety Digest continues to serve fire and life safety through education about effective compartmentation.

About Gleeson-Powers:

Gleeson Powers, a UL Qualified Firestop Contractor, is one of the leading single-source qualified and approved contractors for the installation of firestop systems for fire, smoke and other protection in buildings. Gleeson-Powers provides professional expertise on new or renovation firestop and compartmentation projects in Institutional, (Medical Facilities - Hospitals and Nursing Homes) Commercial, Industrial and High Rise Residential Buildings.  Gleeson Powers is firmly committed to providing the best possible service and quality to its customers, through a professional approach insisting on the highest standards of installation and customer service.  http://www.gleesonpowers.com

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