News Release January 31, 2001

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Factory Mutual Research Begins Approving Contractors for the 1st Time Firestop Contractors International Association partners to develop Approval Std. 4991

Factory Mutual Research is now certifying firestop contractors -- its first Approval program of contractors following decades of Approving thousands of products and services that best contribute to property conservation.

The new program, 'Firestop Contractor Approval Standard 4991', is designed to improve the installation, performance and reliability of firestopping systems as well as address quality issues raised by facility owners, architects, engineers and fire/code officials and inspectors. It was developed in cooperation with the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA), an association of contractors who specialize in the installation of firestop systems -- components designed to prevent fire, smoke and fumes from spreading through such things as walls and floor openings.

To obtain Approval, firestop contractors must pass stringent exams, quality control inspections and earn continuing education units (CEUs).

Specifically, a firestop contractor or its Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) must obtain a minimum 80% score on two written examinations. The first exam assesses one's knowledge of firestopping (as contained in the FCIA Manual of Practice). In the second exam, contractors demonstrate their ability to properly select and install components and identify deficiencies.

Additionally, a contractor must pass job-site and office quality control audits and create a quality assurance manual. Maintaining Approval also requires passing annual quality control audits and earning at least six Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years.

Approved contractors are listed on FCIA's Web site at www.fcia.org and in the Factory Mutual Research Approval Guide, long considered as "The Guide" to property loss prevention products and services worldwide.

For further details on Factory Mutual Research's Firestop Contractor Approval program, please contact Jeff Gould, assistant manager-building materials section, at (781) 255-4873.


Factory Mutual Research is an internationally recognized, scientific organization and an affiliate of commercial and industrial property insurer FM Global. With over 100 years of experience, Factory Mutual Research's efforts set new standards that advance loss prevention practices worldwide and develop new products. Additionally, manufacturers use its third-party testing laboratory services to obtain independent Approval certifying the reliability of their products and services.

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