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  • NEW UL Qualified Firestop Contractor
  • FCIA meets Insurance Industry
  • FM Approvals
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  • Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show
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Another UL Qualified Firestop Contractor – Specialty Firestop Systems, Inc., becomes the 2nd UL Qualified Firestop Contractor.  “We worked with UL and FCIA on our quality manual. The process has helped us get better, faster and more efficient with our zero tolerance firestop systems installation protocol”, states Bob Hasting, President.  We understand many more are in process.  Look for more as the program gains steam! 

FCIA FM Approved Contractors - Joining the many FCIA FM Approved Contractors are those recently approved to the Standard for Approval of Firestop Contractors, FM 4991. Congratulations to:

  • Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing
  • Chesapeake Firestop
  • Karcher Interior Systems
  • Multicon Fire Containment
  • Performance Contracting, CA

UL Qualification & FM Approval Process – Are you in the process of getting qualified or approved?  FCIA offers resources for Members including FCIA’s website, the FCIA Manual of Practice, FCIA Education at the conference.  UL’s $3000 audit price is only good for audits until 12/31/2008. 

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show - Don’t miss the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show in San Antonio, TX. Make your reservations today!    https://www.fcia.org/articles/events.htm 

The Ray Usher Memorial Golf Tournament is also growing . Omega Point Laboratories has agreed to join us at the outing, combining their customer outing with FCIA's Tournament.  Meet them Wednesday on the Quarry Golf Course, visit their laboratories during Friday afternoon's optional tour. Enjoy the Riverwalk, make some new friends, and learn about firestopping, effective compartmentation and important business, insurance and legal issues.  You don’t want to miss this!

ICC Code Development Final Action Hearings – ICC holds final action hearings in Minneapolis, MN Sept. 17-23, 2008.  Public comments on code proposals will be voted on by the membership in attendance at the meetings. 

Follow the discussions and debates! To download the code development books with all the changes, and really see what's going on, visit:


Download the "Final Action Hearings" packages as PDF's, next search as you wish for "FCIA", or other key words. 

The hearings are televised via webcast.  The Web address to view code change debates is:


There's some interesting dynamics going on in the International Code Council code change process.  Large cities are starting to adapt the International Family of Codes, and amending them to add Effective Compartmentation.  New York, California (Los Angeles and San Francisco, Orange County) have adapted, and amended the code. Chicago is reviewing it as well.

As the large cities get involved in the ICC Process, watch for changes to occur naturally.  Most of these cities use Total Fire Protection as their theme, with higher structural fire ratings, more effective compartmentation, detection and alarms plus sprinklers and occupant education than is in the current International Building Codes. 

Here's some selected code changes that you may want to follow: 

  • FS 160 - Part II, FCIA - change the chapter name from "Fire and Smoke Resistant Construction to "Fire and Smoke Protection Features" - Fire Resistance is one dimensional, not giving compartmentation credit for smoke, chemical, radiation, biological risks. 
  • F105 - NASFM - "Visually inspected annually" - FCIA Members provide these services for firestopping and all compartmentation components routinely.
  • FS 6 - FCIA - There is no definition for Compartmentation in the building coded.  FCIA believes that Effective Compartmentation needs to be part of the culture of the code…in order to be part of the culture with code language to support, it needs to be in the code and defined. 
  • FS11 - BOMA wants to remove labeling on Fire Resistance Rated Construction. 
  • FS83 - FCIA - Require "Certified Contractors by an approved agency" in Chapter 7 of the building code.
  • FS 105 - FCIA - "Certified Contractors by an Approved Agency" for Joints, Perimeter, Walltops
  • FS95 & 99 - "T" Ratings, and "L"
  • FS 71, 81 - Walls separating tenants should be fire resistance rated.
  • FS 110 - 111 - Perimeter fire barrier debate
  • FS 118 - Renumber Chapter 7
  • FS 161 & 162 - Vertical Openings debate...FCIA is involved in this debate.
  • S124 - FCIA worked with Murray UT Building Officials on the public comment for this code change for either ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Inspection or FM Approved or UL Qualified Contractors. 
  • G7 - FCIA's Chapter 1 code change for design drawings from the UL Directory be submitted to the building official for all firestopping and compartmentation. 
  • G9 - FCIA's Chapter 1 code change that requests firestopping and compartmentation not be concealed until inspected.
  • G11 - FCIA public commented to bring the ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Inspection Standards before the final action hearings for approval. 
  • G55 & G 58 - Hardened Stairwells and Elevator Shafts in high rise buildings are a big debate.
  • G69 - A public comment was made to reverse the previous code language in the 2007 Supplement that increased density of fireproofing on steel in high rise buildings.  
  • G110 - G133 - There are 20+ proposals for height and area sizes in buildings, which determines the compartment sizes. 
  • G217 - FCIA attempts to add "Compartmentation" to the list of life safety items in addition to sprinklers, detection and alarms, and occupant education.
  • E116-E118 - Public comments to support California Fire Chiefs move to reinstate fire resistance rated corridors in schools, healthcare, and all other occupancies.

FCIA Membership Contest Update  FCIA’s New Membership Drive is bringing in new firms.

Member Contest Update- It’s not too late to… BRING IN NEW MEMBERS, WIN BIG!!!  PRIZES: 1ST PLACE – FREE 2009 MEMBERSHIP, $1185 Max. Value; 2nd PLACE – ONE FREE ATTENDEE at the 2009 FCIA San Antonio Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show,  $575 Value; 3rd PLACE – FREE FCIA MANUAL OF PRACTICE, $295 Value.  Contest ends September 30th, 2008.      

Thanks to the following members for recruiting new members. 

  • 11 points - Dan Flynn - Firestoppers Inc. (2 contractors, 1 manufacturer)
  • 6 points - Aedan Gleeson - Gleeson Powers  (2 contractors)
  • 6 points - Hilti (2 contractors)
  • 1 point - Mike Dominguez - Firestop Specialties (1 international contractor member)

New FCIA Members include:


  1. Premier Firestop, Tim Bailey -MO
  2. FM Insulation, Wanger Fonseca -NJ
  3. Down East Firestopping - Steve Leger - NH
  4. Advanced Firestop Solutions - Gary Grecco –NY
  5. Space Coast Fire & Safety - Tom Spina –FL
  6. Chattanooga Fire Protection - Scott Kent -TN

International Contractors

  1. PLASFOC, S.A.-Jordi Figueras – Spain


  1. Abesco, Inc.- Chris Redmond -FL

FCIA at UL Melville NY for DRI Education - FCIA supports the FM 4991 Program and UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program with the FCIA Manual of Practice and an Education Program prior to UL & FM administering the exam.

FCIA at FM Approvals - FCIA's meeting with FM's Staff brought new commitment to FM 4991 from FM to further boost an already strongly specified program in the Firestopping industry.  FM has committed to further industry promotion, and is working in the US and internationally to firm up specifications and code requirements.  FM held the FM 4991 Spec at their new Johnston RI Headquarters, and a FM 4991 Contractor is now installing firestopping.  FM also exhibited at the ICC Code Forum today, with FM 4991 on display. Look for more to roll out over the next year. Check out the new FM Approval Guide, now available free online.  Visit http://www.fmglobal.com/page.aspx?id=50040000 to register, then travel to the FM Approved Contractors, go to Building Materials, Firestop Contractors.  FCIA maintains info and a database at https://www.fcia.org/fm4991approval.php    

FCIA Meets Insurance Industry – FCIA met with the Insurance Services Organization for the second time in New Jersey.  We have heard from members that if the insurance industry is on board with Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation, it would help fire and life safety.  FCIA visited with ISO to introduce firestopping and effective compartmentation.  We educated some, and learned some.  Next step is to develop a Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation checklist for the hundreds of insurance inspectors who assess building risk.  Watch for more as we form relationships with important groups like ISO.

FCIA Resources for send work to Membership - Many union and non union trade contractors have called the FCIA office asking how to get out of installing firestopping on projects. 

"Is it really in my scope of work?"  "The union is claiming I have to do it…"

Usually, the answer is that the unions sometimes use specifications, building codes that says plumbing, electrical, or communications annular spaces in fire resistance rated assemblies has to be fire rated with firestopping. But, Specifications and Building code do not  bring jurisdiction rights to a trade.  FCIA’s Office advises some of these trade contractors to check the spec…MasterFormat 04's 07-84-00 covers firestopping, not mechanical, electrical, insulation, caulking, plumbing or drywall. Code does not dictate trade. 

FCIA Member contracts for firestopping are usually a result of these calls. FCIA has also helped with prevailing wage determinations through previous successes.

FCIA Life Safety Digest – FCIA’s Life Safety Digest Editorial Committee seeks technical articles and project profiles for this renowned publication.  Showcase installations done by your firm. 

All that’s needed is a one page summary, and a few pictures with captions. 

Submit for consideration by the editorial committee for the next issue by August 15, 2008 to angie@fcia.org .   

FCIA Thanks 2008 Manufacturer Members

Bill McHugh, FCIA Executive Director
See you in San Antonio!

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