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  • Firestop Industry Conference
  • Call for FCIA Board Nominees

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference - The 2004 Firestop Industry Conference celebrates 5 years in existence as a group. From small beginnings of 40 people meeting in Chicago, this group has grown to over 100 members in just 5 years. Celebrate 5 years as an organization, and participate in "International Effective Compartmentation" as our theme. Seminars are planned on Perimeter Fire Containment Systems, FM 4991 Approval Procedures, Fire Walls / Floor patching & Repair, Fire Dampers, Fire Doors and Hardware, and how firestopping fits into the big picture. In addition to seminars, the FCIA Program Committee has scheduled free time for touring, golf, fishing, and fun. Bring your spouse, and don't miss this event! Visit our site for Meeting Information and Air Travel (discounted fares on American through CTMG) and Frenchman's Reef Hotel Reservation Form to FAXBACK to the hotel. Watch for the FCIA FAXBACK form next week on the website.

FCIA "Letter" to editor published in ENR - Under the direction of FCIA's Board of Directors, Bill McHugh, FCIA Executive Director wrote ENR about Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation. Read FCIA's statement about the "False Alarms" article published June 7, 2004 in ENR. Although the cost of firestopping was misquoted, the general direction of the article is correct.

FCIA at AIA Convention - FCIA Executive Director Bill McHugh spent time at the AIA Convention in Chicago a few weeks ago. It was great to see FCIA Member Specified Technologies educating the attendees about the importance of Firestopping.

FCIA at NFPA Headquarters - FCIA Members Aedan Gleeson, Gleeson Powers, Inc., Blase Reardon, and Bill McHugh spent time with Robert Solomon, NFPA Vice President discussing Fire and Life Safety. We learned more about NFPA's "Total Fire Protection" Approach. Total Fire Protection includes the Human element - Firefighters, building management and occupants, Effective Compartmentation, Alarms and Detection as well as Sprinkler Systems. We continue to learn more about NFPA, and will meet with them again in August.

FCIA at FM Approvals - The team of Aedan, Blase and Bill also visited FM Approvals and are pursuing the education of FM's Engineering Group. FM Engineers assess risk in buildings for insurance rates, rather than the typical actuarial approach. The FCIA Board will be visiting FM in August during it's board meeting.

FCIA at NASFM Conference - FCIA met over 50 new contacts at the National Association of State Fire Marshal's Conference, in St. Louis, MO. FCIA Members Don Murphy, PPMI Firestop, Inc. and Jay McGuire, Firestop Technologies, Inc. spent time meeting new friends while at the Conference. We heard from many State Fire Marshals that Firestopping is misunderstood by inspectors and contractors alike. They were glad to know that FCIA Member Contractors exist as a resource for them in each state.

While at NASFM, we heard from Marriott Corp., who's been a NASFM member for many years, supporting NASFM. Marriott has a culture of doing more than what's required by code for fire and life safety in its properties. Listening to their corporate philosophy from NASFM Members, it's apparent that an educated buyer of Construction Services is a good buyer for those who provide value. For those who don't provide "systems", or oversell, these buyers eliminate those firms from vendor lists at firms like Marriott very quickly.

Firestopping installation services and documentation is a complicated, systems oriented, sell to a building owner or general contractor. Without knowledge of the quality protocol that a Professional Firestop Contractor provides vs. others, buyers will not know how to tell what the "correct" value is for a particular project. Our hats off to Marriott for knowing how to buy fire and life safety systems. Also, while at the trade show, FCIA Coffee Mug winners were Doyle Sutton, Nevada State Fire Marshal, and James Hoebel, Consumer Product Fire Safety Consultant. Thanks for stopping at the FCIA Tabletop and dropping your business card.

New FM 4991 Approved Contractors - FCIA Members continue to lead the field as quality contractors of this important Fire and Life Safety Service. Code Officials, Fire Marshals, Architects and Engineers recognize that Firestopping can be "the biggest pain in the neck I have". Recognizing this, they continue to specify qualified Specialty Firestop Contractors for projects.

As specifications requiring FM 4991 Contractors and ASTM E 2174 Inspections appear around the country, FCIA Member Firestopping Contractors are becoming FM 4991 Approved, and inspections are taking place on some projects. As an example, at the SCIP Conference in Chicago, a friend of FCIA mentioned that a major airport owner in Washington DC requested a Specialty Firestop Contractor who is FM 4991 Approved be part of the specifications.

Congratulations to new FM 4991 Contractors Apex Firestop, Houston, TX, Alpha Insulation, Carrolton, TX, Firestoppers, Inc., Firestop International, LLC Texas and Florida Branches, J-Kaulk, Inc. Picayune, MS, Mato, Inc. Denver, CO and SsesCo, Inc., Fairfield, NJ. FM 4991 has provided a new standard for construction quality in the industry and these firms have quantifiably qualified themselves.

LEED - Green Buildings Trend - Additionally, over the past few years, the US Green Building Council has grown into a large group with an impressive trade show, and interest from around the country in sustainable, renewable, environmentally sensitive design. Unlike past environmental movements that focused on specific things, LEED Design looks at everything in building environmentally sensitive. From construction product production processes, chemical content, distance from the jobsite, performance in the building, waste created during construction and at renovation time, to name a few characteristics. In Chicago, Mayor Daley declared at the AIA National Convention that " all new public buildings and major renovations be designed, constructed and maintained using the Chicago Standard, which incorporates LEED (TM) credits that are most applicable to Chicago". This will apply to city owned structures, with hopes that the private sector will follow. FCIA Member Contractors are being asked about LEED Certification for Firestopping Systems. We understand that firestopping manufacturers are reviewing their LEED Environmental qualification status for their products. FCIA Members look forward to hearing results of the manufacturers studies shortly.

FCIA New Members - Welcome to Michael W. Holmes, M.W. Holmes Construction Inc., of Mentor, OH and Cooper Reid, Old Dominion Firestopping, LLC, Richmond, VA to FCIA Membership as Voting Contractor Members. We look forward to meeting you in St. Thomas, USVI at the Firestop Industry Conference.

FCIA New Member Development - The FCIA office has had inquiries about FCIA from around the world lately...Israel, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. FCIA President Ray Usher, while traveling overseas, discussed Firestopping and our common goals to protect fire and life safety in buildings with industry representatives from Ireland and England. FCIA is pleased to form relationships with influential groups around the world.

FCIA Call for Directors - Each year, three directors rotate off the FCIA Board. FCIA Thanks Tom Hottenroth, Firestop Solutions, Inc., Richard Keeney, Firestop International, Inc., and Roger McKenzie, McKenzie Insulation, Inc., for their service to FCIA on the 2004 FCIA Board of Directors. FCIA Voting Contractor Members who want to give back to the industry through volunteering for the FCIA Board of Directors can email the Nomination Committee. Bob Patton (Chair), rpatton@firesafe-systems.com, Bob LeClair, at rleclair@afunderhill.com , or Scott Rankin at srankin@pyro-stop.com are the 2004 nominating committee for 2005's FCIA Board. Board of Directors serve terms of two years. Board members attend 4 board meetings yearly, 2 at FCIA Conferences, 2 at other times and places. Responsiveness to Email and phone calls are important to the position....plus an open mind, and willingness to give back to the industry.

"What you give as a volunteer to your industry, returns tenfold......" Scott Rankin, FCIA Past President, Pyro-Stop, Inc. - Nashville, 2002

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our FCIA's Firestop Industry Conference - November 10 - 13, 2004 - Frenchman's Reef Hotel, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

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