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FCIA Firestop Industry Conference Reservations Number
FM 4991 in Specs
FCIA New Contractor Member Drive

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference - November 12 - 15, 2003 - Orlando, FL - "Disney World is about what's good in America and our world", state Disney visitors from the US and Overseas. FCIA's Firestop Industry Conference heads to the Contemporary Resort, at Walt Disney World for our Fall Conference. Firestop Industry speakers, new and renewal FM DRI Testing among other things will be part of the agenda. (Renewing DRI's, visit FM 4991 Approval for FM CEU forms and filing info).

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference Outline Agenda - (Complete Details available in July)

Wednesday - November 12 DRI Testing, Early AM. FCIA Board Candidate Presentations, Elections, FCIA Education Sessions & Committee Meetings. Dinner on own.
Thursday - November 13 Educational Sessions, FCIA Trade Show, FCIA Industry Banquet - All day and evening
Friday - November 14 Education Sessions until 12:00 pm
Saturday - November 15 AM - FCIA Annual Golf Tournament, Disney's "Magnolia Course", site of the PGA Tour's Disney Golf Classic

FCIA has a room block at the Contemporary Resort , "On the Monorail", Magic Kingdom, Disney. There are limited rooms available, and once gone, they will be really gone. Initial indications are that FCIA's "Firestop Industry Conference" and Disney will be busy in November. So, please reserve your rooms as soon as possible. Call (407) 824-3869 for Disney Contemporary Resort Reservations. Mention "Firestop Contractors International Association" to receive the $165/nite rate. Discounted Disney tickets (11%) are available in addition to special Convention Attendee programs. More on this to follow in Early July.

Mears Transportation can take you from the Airport to Disney for $16/person one way, or $28 Round Trip. Call (407) 423-5556 for reservations.

Sponsor - ECA Las Vegas - 3M Fire Protection Products sponsored a break during our "Education and Committee Action Conference" in Las Vegas. We're glad to have participation of all of our manufacturer partners as sponsors.

FM 4991 Specs - Aedan Gleeson, Gleeson Powers, Inc., reports Folk Associates is specifying FM 4991 Approved Contractors regularly in specs. Purdue Univ. in West Lafayette, IN, is just one of the projects to come from Folk. Additionally, Jay Maguire, Firestop Systems, LLC in St. Louis and Central Illinois reported seeing FM 4991 required on three projects last week. "Third Party Accredited, Approved, Installation Firms" is a buzzword that is gaining momentum worldwide in the contracting community. FM 4991 is coming to your town soon.

Get FM 4991 approved now by calling Jeff Gould at 781.255.4873 !

Firestop Contracting Insurance - The FCIA Office has heard that contractor members have experienced significant insurance rate increases in 2002/2003. FCIA formed relationships with Pat McCarthy, Mesirow - 630.705.2019; Brian Courtney, B.G. Balmer - 610.647.8880; Robert Larsen, Member Services Group, 630.654.3000. As Robert Larson told attendees at the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference, "FCIA isn't big enough to form an insurance buying group...yet". However, there are options according to each of these professionals. Contact them to get an honest opinion on your current situation.

ASME Meeting - Richard Keeney, Firestop International, Inc. attended the ASME A112.20.01 Meeting in New Orleans recently. The Group has been developing a "Standard for Firestop Installers". FCIA has been involved to steer the standard's responsibility focus from the installer to the firm AND installer. Thanks, Richard, for volunteering a day out of your schedule to represent FCIA at the ASME Committee Meeting.

AFSCC - AFS - Acronyms, and more acronyms. The Association for Fire, Smoke Containment and Control, consists of the organizations in the passive fire protection industry including: penetration firestopping, joint protection materials, duct and damper systems, fire resistive floor and wall materials as well as structural fire protection materials and smoke resistant materials and systems. It's charge is to unite the Passive Fire Protection industry to promote the value of balanced fire protection design in the built environment through education. The AFS, Association for Fire Safety, is a Committee of AFSCC, whose primary focus is to incorporate the UBC height and area table into NFPA 5000 and IBC 2000 Codes, reducing sprinkler trade offs. The Height and Area tables determine whether or not there is containment required in a building. Kathy Taraba, 1 Source Firestop, Inc. has been actively involved in the AFSCC and AFS. There is an organized PR Campaign run by the AFS to restore containment into codes. It needs financial commitments from our industry to be successful. When the request for contribution arrives at the office, think of how you can help the group create better life safety through compartmentation and firestopping. This is an investment in life safety and our industry.

FCIA Director & Member Articles in the press - FCIA and Firestopping have been highlighted in the June Issue of the "Insulation Outlook" Magazine, the July "Construction Specifier", and the fall issue of "The Licensed Architect". Watch www.fcia.org in mid July to view the articles. FCIA Executive Director, Bill McHugh, wrote the articles with review from the FCIA Board of Directors. Ray Bruno, Specified Technologies, Inc. and Karen Layng, Esq., Vedder-Price also had articles published in the "Insulation Outlook". Ray's article also appeared in the International Fire Protection Magazine. Our industry is actively promoting the virtues of a balanced approach to Fire and Life Safety Protection.

FCIA Member Drive - FCIA Announces a new "Firestop Contractor Member" drive for 2003. FCIA Logo Sportswear & other prizes will be given to the top 5 FCIA new member "ambassadors" at the Firestop Industry Conference in November. FCIA is the place to be...... Bring a prospective member to FCIA's website, www.fcia.org , while on the phone, or face to face, to promote the benefits of FCIA membership. Once FCIA's industry impact, resources, and dynamics are understood, the value FCIA membership offers more than offsets the financial investment !! We track new member recruiting by the "Sponsor Name" on the FCIA Membership Form. Make sure your name is listed to receive credit towards FCIA Merchandise Rewards.

FCIA Office Vacation - From June 17 to July 1st, the FCIA Office will be closed for vacation, "CSI University" and CSI's Institute Board Meeting in Philadelphia. Enjoy the rest of June and we look forward to serving you after July 1!!

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