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  • FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference,
  • UL Firestop Contractor Qualification Program, UL & FM 4991 DRI Education,
  • Life Safety Digest Magazine reprints available, FCIA at CSI, ICC…more

FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference

FCIA’s ECA Conference features education for the UL Firestop Contractor Qualification Program, FM 4991 Standard for Approval of Firestop Contractors Program and DRI Tests, Firestopping, Compartmentation and fire and life safety. Plus, the roundtable committee meetings bring the industry to one place to discuss important issues, make plans, and get things done.

Visit our site for a FAXBACK Registration Form, if you haven’t received one from us already. Contact Loews Hotel, 514-285-5555 for room reservations at this 5 Star Property…for $169/CAD, Approx. $145/US per nite.


FM & UL Pre-Testing Education Program – FCIA’s Education Program will feature study of the Firestop Industry Manual of Practice using a Powerpoint Presentation prior to testing.

UL DRI Testing – UL Firestop Contractor Qualification Program Testing takes place following the pre-test seminar. Here are a few valuable pieces of information:

  • Testing Fees – UL $99
  • Open Book Test – Bring your FCIA Manual of Practice, or buy it for $295.
  • Testing Content – FCIA Manual of Practice and Systems Selection. Count on a 3 hour exam.
  • Contractor Quality Inspection Audits – UL is scheduling Audits starting May 15th on.

FM DRI Testing – FM 4991, Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors, is gaining steam in North America. Specifications have appeared in both the US and Canada, requesting an FM 4991 Contractor. FM DRI Testing is held at FCIA’s Education and Committee Action Conference. Here’s information about this test.

  • Testing fees – FM $250
  • Closed Book Test, no manuals allowed.
  • Testing Content – FCIA Manual of Practice and Systems Selection.
  • Contractor Quality Inspection Audits – FM conducts audits worldwide for those interested in becoming FM 4991 Approved.

FCIA Firestopping Industry Day – Architects, engineers, fire marshals, code officials, and firestop contractors who want to see what FCIA is about can attend FCIA sessions in Montreal Friday, April 28, 2006. Obtain 6 valuable Health, Safety & Welfare CEU Credits for a $125 Fee including continental breakfast and lunch. CEU Education Sessions include:

  • Egress from Buildings & Human Behavior
  • Compartmentation Presentation
  • Firestopping Education Session
    • Codes
    • Testing
    • Materials
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Documentation
    • Specification

FCIA Manufacturers Become Sponsors – FCIA’s 2005 Board created a new program for FCIA Manufacturer Members to purchase various services from FCIA as a package. So far, 3M renewed as a “Gold” member, HILTI and Thermafiber as Silver members.

FCIA Manufacturer Sponsor Members – Support FCIA Member Sponsors…

  • Gold – 3M Fire Protection Products
  • Silver – HILTI, Thermafiber

Other manufacturer members who renewed at the Bronze level include Grabber, Inc., Passive Fire Protection Partners, W. R Grace, Watson Bowman in addition to 3M, HILTI and Thermafiber. FCIA is thankful for members continuing to renew year after year. Typically, contractor members that do not renew have left the firestopping business.

FCIA Life Safety Digest Reprints – Do you like the new FCIA Life Safety Digest Magazine of Effective Compartmentation? Use it as a handout to your customers as a way to make your business look more professional. Order reprints from FCIA. Costs are below, plus freight UPS Ground from FCIA’s Hillside, IL office.

FCIA Life Safety Digest Reprints – Cost per magazine, in increments of 100

  • 100 – $.95 ea
  • 500 – 1000 - $.90 ea
  • 1100+ - $.80 ea

Email Linda@fcia.org or FAX to 708-449-0837 by Friday, March 3 to order, with credit card number, expiration date, name on card, billing address and shipping location for the magazines. We already have orders for about 1,000 magazines. Don’t miss this opportunity to market your business.

New Member Promotes FCIA Membership – Through his calls into Canada, John Sobol, Watson-Bowman Acme-Flammadur has promoted FCIA membership to Contractors. He also developed another great idea to promote membership, using the initials ‘FCIA’, after your name on business cards, etc., like CSI and CSC allow. Great membership benefit, and we’re glad to let members use the initials next to their name for recognition. Thanks John, we’re glad you joined! .

New Fire Door Information – FCIA has heard from Steve Hahn, American Rolling Door Institute, & Lawrence Roll Up Doors, Inc., that new reliability numbers have been published in Life Safety Digest, the Magazine of Effective Compartmentation citing a 2% failure rate for rolling fire doors. This is a big deal for compartmentation, where fire doors and fire glass are large openings in fire resistance-rated compartmentation. It’s a big improvement from almost 20% only 20 years ago.

FCIA at CSI Show – FCIA members Mike Pautsch, Superl, Inc. & Jim Shiver, Thermafiber, Inc., present “Perimeter Fire Containment Seminar” Friday March 31, 2006. The “FCIA Compartmentation Symposium” will again feature industry leaders to at CSI’s National Convention Thursday, March 30, 2006. If you have architect, engineer, specifier, building official or fire marshal friends going to the show, have them join FCIA, an official Education Sponsor of the CSI Show. http://www.csinet.org .

FCIA at ICC CTC Hearings – The Code Technology Committee of the International Code Council is meeting in Chicago March 9 & 10. FCIA and a host of other associations will join together to bring the story of effective compartmentation & quality contractors to the members of this committee. FCIA continues to participate to promote fire and life safety through effective compartmentation and firestopping with specialty firestop contractors on projects as a member service. FCIA continues to serve

Success is a consequence, and must not be a goal.

Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880)

Bill McHugh, FCIA Executive Director

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