Newsletter February 11, 2004


  • FCIA Press Lobby Efforts
  • FCIA ECA/FIC Conference Dates
  • New Member Promotion
  • Call for New Code Committee Chair
FCIA Board of Directors Advocate Promoting the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept - During it's Board of Directors Meeting, January 17th, the FCIA Board decided to pursue promotion of the "Compartmentation Concept" with Firestopping as its highlight, using FCIA Members as the model scenario. The board looks forward to a productive year, with more press efforts. Our aim is to promote the "Triad of Fire Protection". Below are links to two articles and public testimony from FCIA. Read the articles below to learn more.

FCIA Submits Article to the Press - FCIA recently submitted an article to the Charlotte Observer, Greensboro News Record, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and other publications in response to the fire at the South Carolina Comfort Inn in late January. See the newspaper report about the fire. Read the FCIA's article to the newspapers.

FCIA Testifies at Chicago Code Hearings - Chicago is known as "the birthplace of the high rise building", and continues to be a high rise capital with three of the worlds tallest buildings located there. After the "Great Fire of 1872", Chicago's founding code writers included non combustible (Brick) construction and compartmentation in buildings as a standard. There is a saying in the High Rise Industry, that "as Chicago goes, so does the rest of the country". With that in mind, FCIA submitted written commentary and testimony was delivered by Bill McHugh before the Chicago City Council, "Committee on High Rise Building Safety". An ordinance to add sprinklers to buildings as a result of the Chicago City and County Building Fire has been proposed. FCIA's testimony is available for your use. Use this as a resource for other testimony that you might need to deliver.

FCIA Conference Dates - Mark your calendars now for the FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference April 28 - 30, 2004 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. There are great speakers that will educate us on Codes, Specifications, and the difference between the US and Canada. (Not hockey, Firestopping!) Look for more information in late February on the website.

The Program Committee is researching our FCIA Firestop Industry Conference - 5 Year Anniversary Gala", November 10 - 13, 2004, with St. Thomas USVI and Cancun, Mexico locations on top of the list. VOTE for your favorite location.
Scroll to the middle of the page for the voting form.

FCIA Photo Album - Check out these FCIA Firestop Industry Conference, Orlando, Florida pictures.

FCIA Membership Renewals - FCIA Membership renewals are rolling in about 15% ahead of last year's pace. If you haven't paid your dues for 2004...maybe misplaced the invoice, (it happens to the best of us), just call the FCIA Office for a duplicate...or just send a check!! Call the FCIA Office if you have questions.

FCIA New Members - David Procida, of Capital Insulation, Inc., joined FCIA, sponsored by Ray Usher, SUPERL, Inc. Ray gets a $250 Credit towards 2005's membership dues for his referral. Welcome, David, to FCIA!! We look forward to a long relationship with you and your firm. Other new members include J-Kaulk Firestopping Systems, Inc. Picayune, MS. Welcome Jeff Kauzlarich to FCIA.

New FM 4991 Approved Contractors - FM 4991 Approval means increased investment in the operations of their companies. FCIA applauds their added commitment. Alpha Insulation, Inc. added an office, Firestop International, LLC added 3 offices approved, Pyro-Stop, LLC, Thomas J. Donnelly Co., Firestop Carolinas, Inc., all became new FCIA Member, FM 4991 Contractors recently. There are currently 26 FCIA Member locations with FM 4991 approval, about 30+% of the FCIA Contractor Membership.

FCIA Code Report - FCIA Code Committee Chair, Kathy Taraba, (1 Source Firestop, Inc.) reports that the NFPA Fire Protection Features meeting in December brought the industry another step closer to better fire protection through both passive and active fire protection systems. More on this later in February. Kathy was in the hospital for a few days recently. Calls and cards can be sent to her office. She has done a lot volunteering her time and travel for the good of our industry.

FCIA Call for Code Committee Chair - Due to Kathy's illness, FCIA needs a new Code Committee chair. FCIA's Code Consultant, Bill Koffel, works with our Code Chair and other organizations. This is a great way for someone to become well versed in codes and our industry. Your business will benefit from this involvement. Contact Ray Usher, FCIA 2004 President if you are interested, at 763.571.7464.

IFC Inspector Training - We heard from IFC recently that a 2 hour AIA Accredited IFC Inspector Training Program has been confirmed for February 12, 2004 at 12:00 pm at the Miami-Dade Aviation Department Facilities, Planning and Development, 4200 NW 36th St., Building 5A-2nd Floor in the DBE Conference Room, Miami. FCIA generally has a person to represent "The Contractor View" during this training. If you are available go to the seminar!!

BuildCertified.Com - FCIA is now listed on BuildCertified.com. This searchable website is used by Architects, GC's and industry professionals looking for "certified entities" in the construction industry. Visit their website addresses for FCIA and FM 4991.

Bill McHugh, FCIA Executive Director

Drive thy business, or it will drive thee ......Ben Franklin 1757

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