President's Message Winter 2001

Dear FCIA Members,

The year 2001 is concluding and for many of us it has been an unhappy one. World events, and for me the loss of my wife, have been excruciating. But as with all challenges there comes goodness too. For me, as this year's president, FCIA has been one of my personal highlights. Read on and I hope you will share my sentiments.

In no particular sequence, here are my observations;

  • Membership growth has been phenomenal particularly with many more specialty contractors joining FCIA.
  • Cooperation by FCIA with UL is leading to their development of an inspection certification program.
  • Working relationships with IFC especially with respect to inspection and marketing have improved significantly.
  • Our spring Technical Meeting in Phoenix and the annual conference in New Orleans were huge successes. FCIA's members gained enormous technical and industry knowledge as a result of these gatherings.
  • FCIA members are making their practical knowledge and expertise felt throughout the life safety community. ASTM, JCAHO, BOCA, NFPA all are well aware, after just four years, of FCIA and its collective membership influence on sound construction techniques.
  • Members working together on various committees have developed FCIA educational and marketing materials, and have given many presentations to relevant construction industry groups, ie code and inspection officials designers, contractors, and other trade associations both regional and national.
  • Your FCIA Board has shifted its focus from "nuts and bolts" entrepreneurial concerns (so vital in the beginning of any new venture) to a more visionary role so that members are made aware of challenges and business opportunities ahead.

These are only some of the highlights of the past year. Rather than "resting on its laurels" FCIA is moving promptly into 2002. Our first meeting under Kathy Taraba's capable direction will be in Denver on January 10 & 11. Kathy is well along in preparing for her year at FCIA's helm.

Ray Usher of Superl Thermal Systems will join the board. He will replace Breck Spain of Performance Contracting (one of the early stalwarts of FCIA) whose term as a board member has expired. I thank Breck for his many insights into FCIA development.

In conclusion, it has been an honor and privilege to serve as FCIA's president this past year. Thanks most of all to the interest, support, and energy of our members, FCIA will continue as a leading construction life safety force for many years.


Blasdel A. Reardon
Immediate Past President

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