President's Message Summer 2000

About two years ago, 8 people met to form the FCIA. Today we are about 65 members and growing. We set high goals and standards and are on track to deliver some of them within the next 6 months. As President of the FCIA , it is a great honor to be associated with dedicated people, whose enthusiasm and keen talent, along with tireless commitment have brought us to a very important milestone in our young history.

The purpose of this letter is to keep you updated as to several upcoming programs.

A) Accreditation - The first "FM APPROVED CONTRACTOR STANDARD" has been written by Factory Mutual and is to be reviewed by "Interested Parties" from within our industry. FM has asked me to ask each FCIA Member to forward to the FCIA office, by June 30, 2000 a list of (maximum 3) individuals - Fire Marshall - Code Official - Architect - Engineer, who know our industry and would like to participate in the "review and comment" process. The FM Approved Contractor Standard will be ready September 1, 2000.

B) FCIA Manual of Practice - The Technical Committee is meeting in Florida (on their own time and expense) to work on final touches and the editing process for the MOP. From the FCIA Manual of Practice, FM will develop questions for the "Designated Responsible Individual" (DRI) test. Additionally, FM has requested that FCIA members submit one (1) test question that may or may not be used in the exam. We realize you don't yet have the FCIA MOP book, but our membership has a wealth of knowledge that exists in the industry already. This is your time to be creative and provide FM via the FCIA office a question you feel every DRI and Professional Firestop Firm should know.

The FCIA Manual of Practice will be ready September 1, 2000 in time, before the November FM Test in Boston on November 10, at the FCIA meeting.

C) Quality Manuals - FM will need to see your Quality Manual" to perform the actual "Onsite Audit" of your procedures. This is simply a document that details how you operate your business. Estimating, Submittals, Field Communications, Deviations from Tested System Procedures, As Built Documentation will all be important parts of the Audit procedure of the FM Approved Contractor Standard.

Call Blase Reardon or the FCIA office if you have any questions about this important document - Now is the time to update yours! Most importantly - if you can update your quality manual and schedule your FM Audit before November, and pass the DRI testing in Boston - Your Firm will be listed in the FM 2001 Directory. This document will be distributed to Building Owners, Architects and Engineers throughout he US and Canada as well as the rest of the world.and could have your company name listed for these Key Industry Influences to reference when they need a Professional Firestop Contractor.

D) Communications - This committee is assessing how we should announce the FCIA's activities in the press. Also arrangements have been made with the Associated General Contractors of America to make an FCIA Presentation at the March 2001 annual Convention in Nashville.

E) Liaison - Marketing - FCIA members have been attending seminars and code hearings that are important and relevant to our industry - to learn more about the people and characteristics of each organization. The work of this committee is vital in laying the groundwork for the future of our industry.

In summary, the FCIA Committees have all assembled extraordinary programs in a remarkably short period of time. Again, I am honored and pleased to work with such a talented, motivated group, who are interested in the good of our industry, life safety and property protection. Please stay tuned for more details, as we get closer to the full implementation of the "FM Firestop Contractor Installation Standard" and "FCIA Manual of Practice". As always, please feel free to call me.

Yours Very Truly,

Aedan Gleeson, President - FCIA.

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