President's Message Feb. 23, 2006

Welcome to Don Murphy's 2006 letter

From the 40 Contractor members who met at Underwriters Laboratories in January, 1999, we’ve accomplished much and grown significantly in a very short time.  The four original committees produced programs to meet initial goals while looking ahead to the future.  Here’s what we can expect from 2006:

  • Accreditation – Continued enhancements at FM Approvals, and a new relationship with Underwriters Laboratories as they introduce a contractor qualification program.
  • Code – FCIA’s efforts for Firestopping and Compartmentation continue in 2006 at the ICC Code Technology Committee Hearings, ICC Code Development Process, NFPA Technical Committee with new efforts in Canada.
  • Technical – 2005’s edits covered half the MOP, while new material was over 50 pages.  Watch for a new chapter covering Canada’s requirements in ’06. FCIA continues to participate in UL’s Standards Technical Panel
  • Standards – FCIA is working with IFC and others to develop an ASTM Inspector Qualification Standard, while participating in related ASTM committees.
  • Education – We’re working with the US Department of Labor on FCIA’s Firestopping Apprentice Program, plus other revisions to existing programs.
  • Marketing – “Life Safety Digest - The Magazine of Effective Compartmentation” debut in November was well received….and has a bright future.  FCIA’s website Members only FCIA.org area debut’s shortly.  Watch for more exposure for FCIA’s Firestopping and Compartmentation Initiatives in 2006.
  • Program – This group continues to find great locations and excellent speakers.
  • Membership – We believe the exposure and personal contact will help FCIA grow in 2006….to double the number of current contractor locations.

None of these goals are accomplished without …. You, the FCIA Membership!  FCIA’s results have been provided by ideas, effort, public speaking plus using FCIA Marketing Tools to improve the industry in each local area.   

To make a difference in 2006, join a FCIA Committee.  They meet via teleconference and Email, review documents, plus meet at conferences.  Your contribution of time, large or small, is important to our future success.  Most important, recruit a new FCIA Contractor Member.  FCIA’s growth is good for the industry because it solidifies the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept in the market.

Thanks for the opportunity to be your FCIA 2006 President.  I look forward to meeting you at FCIA’s Education and Committee Action Conference ~ FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show.

Don Murphy, FCIA 2006 President                        PPMI Firestop, Inc., (317) 894-9111

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