President's Message February 04

Part 3 - "Where are we now, and where are we going...early 2004"


Over the past few weeks, we've reviewed where FCIA has been, where is it now, and where are we going. Below is the continuation from last time that reviews our committees' hard work, and positive results.

Marketing Committee – Don Murphy, Chair – The Marketing Committee has been busy promoting FCIA Members at Trade Shows. National Shows like, "The CSI Show", NFPA Show and The International Code Council Show had the "FCIA Booth" on hand, staffed by FCIA Member Contractors. That's in addition to the 13 other shows at FCIA Contractor Member Locations that the booth traveled to. FCIA had articles published in the CSI, “Construction Specifier”, Association of Licensed Architects, “Licensed Architect Magazine”, and the National Insulation Association, “Outlook Magazine” in 2003 increasing FCIA's exposure in the industry, for a very little expense. Presentations have been made nationwide as well to CSI Chapters, Building Officials and Fire Marshal's by FCIA Members passionate about their industry.

In 2004, the Marketing Committee will present a program for CSI Education Sessions at the CSI Show, and Facility Management Show, and are on the waiting list for the NFPA and ICC Shows as well. FCIA Advertising has appeared in www.4Specs.com and at SCIP – Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice, and “BuildCertified.com". In early 2004, FCIA became an AIA CEU Provider. Look for materials on this program in early February where you will be able to deliver valuable AIA HSW (Health Safety and Welfare) category Continuing Education Units, when using the FCIA Presentation, posted on www.fcia.org/presentations . All this has been done by the Marketing Committee to “Promote the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept” in our industry.

Communications – FCIA’s Website, generates about 7000 visits per month, with FCIA Member Lists, Articles, FCIA Specification, FM 4991 Approval Page generating the most traffic. Compared to other websites, FCIA’s ranks high in visits and page ranking. On “Google”, FCIA’s Page Ranking is a “5”. Compare that to the CSI website, an 18,000 Member group, with a Google Page Rank of “6”. FCIA’s 120+ members are the “Hub of the world for Firestopping”.

FCIA’s "E-Newsletter" generates responses from members and FCIA Friends every time we send it. Architects, Engineers, GC’s, Code and Fire Officials all often comment, or ask for more info about our programs and the Firestopping Industry.

In 2004, look for the FCIA E-News "list of friends” to increase significantly as more industry influences are added to our “E-News Mailing List”. You’ll want to get involved in advertising opportunities on FCIA’s website and E-News as well. Look for a missive on that in the next two weeks.

Program Committee – Bob LeClair, Chair – FCIA’s Program Committee has created excellent “Brand Recognition” for our FCIA Firestop Education and Committee Action Conference”, and “Firestop Industry Conference” through outstanding program content.

The Program Committee for 2004 has been meeting to produce blockbuster programs and locations as we celebrate FCIA’s 5 Year Anniversary this fall. FCIA Conferences have become and will continue to be a big part of FCIA’s culture, thanks to the Program Committee's hard work.

Membership – FCIA’s membership has grown from 0 – 100+ in 5 years. To many other associations, that’s impressive. The “Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept Message” can be heard better if we’re larger. Our goal is to grow to 100 FCIA Voting Contractor Members by the end of 2004. This is a big goal. As you sit at your desk and read this, you may be thinking, why add contractors to FCIA? And the answer is..........FCIA is promoting “The Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept” in the industry, and the more the better. It's about credibility. Our message of fire and life safety can be carried better, if LOTS of Firestopping Contractors, carry the FCIA Specialty Firestop Contractor Message in their area locally and nationally. As a large voice, we can speak to protect fire and life safety through Firestopping and Passive Fire and Life Safety Protection.

To help us get to our 100 FCIA Voting Contractor Member goal, the FCIA Board has introduced a "Membership Promotion". If a Voting Contractor Member recruits / sponsors a new, (never been involved in FCIA), Firestop Contractor Member, and the person joins FCIA, that sponsor receives a $250 credit towards 2005's Membership Dues. The new member must reference you on the Membership Application form upon presentation of the $1000 dues to FCIA for Membership.

FCIA is educating our construction industry about how to protect fire and life safety in buildings through a “zero tolerance” systems application protocol. If we can attain further “buy in” to this concept in our industry, buildings will be safer for all citizens, and more important, our families. Help us by getting involved in a committee, or recruiting a new FCIA Voting Contractor Member.

Next President's Letter - FCIA's President's Letter will look next at what our future might hold as in industry. What is good about it? What can we improve? How are we going to do it?? Join in this important discussion. It's our industry. Lets be involved in it.....

Stay Tuned ...

Ray Usher
FCIA 2004 President
Superl, Inc.
(763) 573-7464

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