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Hollywood, FL FIC 2007 - Photo Album


Please find here a few impressions of our FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show, Hollywood, Florida 2007. Click on the images for a larger view.

GRACO demonstration Joe Mastriano, Frank Rudilosso,Peter Schmidt, Kenny & Scott Mike Dominguez, Jason Cooper & Tim Schryver (Pardigm Environ Mike Holmes (MW Holmes) & Mark Heuchert (Hilti)
Mike Wellons, Jodi Clem, Dennis Cohan & Don Murphy New Members Vince Dominsey & Doug Schlager (Boxhorn) joined Safe Check's Steve McIntyre, Steve Gamatoria, Kevin McLaughl Scott Ranks joins Michelle & Pat Tesche
Speaker Steve Phillip (Hendrick,Phillips, Salzman & Flatt) Steve McIntyre, Dave Smith, Randy Perry & Aedan Gleeson Tom Thoreson, Mark Dietz, Justin Roy and Mike Pautsch Jim & Judy Shriver (Thermafiber) & John & Carol Scott (Roxul
Jim Yount, Mark Dietz & Mike Domingues Jodi Clem (PREVENT) & Mark Kelly (American) Jodi Clem is presented 2007 golf trophy on behalf of Dennis John & Julie Goodman
John Chiangi, Shauna Tebb & Tom Hottenroth Josee, Kaitlynn & Mike St. Jean (Interprovincial) Lance Simms (Luse), Michael Miller (W Coast Insul.) and Paul Louie Cimino and Robert Gomez
Membership Chair Bill Hoos congratulates Prize Winner Randy Mike Domingues and Tony Fontana Mike Domingues with Mike Wellons Mike Dominguez (Firestop Specialties), Scott Rankin (Pyro-St
2007 FCIA Board 2007 Ladies Tour! 2007 President Mike Domingues with 2008 President Tom Hotten 2008 FCIA Board
Bill McHugh, Dennis Cohan, Jodi Clem & Kevin Scruggs Bob Svoboda with Mike Dominguez Checking out the Thermafiber display Chris Downey and Bill Hoos
Diane Davis (AEC Infosystems) and Ian Robertson (Tempro Tec) Don Marchiselli, Charbel Tagher & David Hinojosa Eric Keeton and Kevin McLaughlin Golf Chair Scott Rankin awards Craig Walkins the Prize for m
Ian Robertson joins Aurelia & Mike McClure Jack Toomes (Apex) and Jeff Gould (FM Approvals) James House (Northwest Firestop) with Dave & Sharon Trumble Tory Tebb, Shauna Perry, Kennie Kuehas, Shauna Tebb & Tom Ho