FCIA Fire & Smoke Protection Features Barrier Educational and Firestop DIIM (Design, Install, Inspect, Maintain) Educational Symposium

The Oryx Rotana, Doha, Qatar

Join FCIA for this important Symposium on Fire Walls, Fire Barriers, Fire Partitions, Smoke Barriers and Smoke Partitions, Effective Compartmentation and Firestopping to be held at The Oryx Rotana, Doha, Qatar. Hear from industry experts about key fire resistance rated construction and maintenance programs that keep people safe in all types of buildings.

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Speakers & Presentations

Design - Barriers - Where are they located, what are they for?

Mr. Bill McHugh, FCIA

The International Building Code's Chapter 7, Fire and Smoke Protection Features, covers Barrier Construction and the definitions that are associated with the barrier, as does NFPA 101 in Chapter 8.  This session covers fire barriers, smoke barriers, fire walls, fire partitions, smoke partitions as covered in the IBC's Chapter 7 Barriers.  Learn about terminology, what is a barrier, where is it used, fire-ratings and more.

Design & Testing

Mr. Ahmed Eldidi, UL

Mr. Mark Tyrol and Mr. Vidur Berry, FM Approvals

Mr. Randy Clark, Rectorseal

Mr. Ali Kattah, 3M Fire Protection Products

The International Building Code and NFPA 101 mandate the use of tested and listed products that become systems when installed to systems resulting from ASTM & UL Fire-Resistance standards testing.  Fire-resistance-rated walls, floors, fire dampers, fire-rated doors, fire-rated glazing and firestopping are all tested to the standards using common evaluation elements.  Learn in this segment what the submittal and installation looks like for the walls, floors and opening protectives.


Mr. Bill McHugh, FCIA

Mr. Sajid Raza, Butler Engineering

Chapter 17 of the International Building Code mandates Special Inspection of several building elements.  In firestopping, ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Inspection Standards are used for special inspection.  IAS AC 291 Accredited Special Inspection Agencies bring credibility to the special inspection agency and inspectors.  See pictures of what to look for in the field to find improper firestop installations.


Mr. Bill McHugh, FCIA

Mr. Fouad Hajj, Specified Technologies, Inc.

FM 4991, Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors, UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Programs bring quantified qualification of firestop contractor companies and FCIA's Firestop Education Program provides worker education.  Learn about certificateions that are available for installation companies during this session, and see pictures of successful and unsuccessful installations.

Maintenance & Management

Mr. Bill McHugh, FCIA

NFPA 101 and International Fire Code require that fire-resistance properties be maintained throughout the building life-cycle.  Learn about protecting people in existing buildings at this session for Firestopping, Doors and Dampers.


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