The FCIA's mission is for member organizations to be recognized throughout the construction industry as preferred quality contractors of life safety firestop systems. JOIN FCIA TODAY!

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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

FCIA Photo Gallery

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show, 2009 Key Biscayne

2009 FCIA Pres. Bill Hoos
Jay McGuire & John Thornburgh
Jay Mack, Aida & Charbel Tagher & Mike Holmes Aedan Gleeson, MIke Dominguez, Steve McIntyre & Randy Bosscawen Tom Hottenroth, Eric Keeton, Jodi Clem & Frank Rudilosso, Chris Kusel, Randy Perry, Scott Devall & Chad Stroike Nick Hartz, Louie Cimino, Woody Smith & Gregg Hartz Tom Thoreson, Mike Pautsch, Derek LaBossiere & Mark Dietz
Thomas McQuillan,
Mark Nunn,
James Perisa,
John Perisa & Bill Hoos

Ron Thompson,
James Armour,
Peter Logsdon,
Rich DeCosta & Bill Hoos
Jimmy Castro , Don Donnelly, Guy Gradley & Mark Kelley Rex Crowley, Geoff Hutchinson, Al Garcia & Tom Buchanan

Trey Hines, Trevor Cochran, Justin Roy & Ken Slama
Chad Landry & Kevin McKay Aedan Gleeson, Kathy Taraba and Jim Shriver
Ken Slama & Jodi Clem
Robert Gray, Judy Shriver & Terry Minton Ben Urcavich, Jim Whitehead &
Chad Landry
Pat Tesche, Leigh Hays & Jay Mack
Don Sabrula & Kathy Taraba Jodi Clem & Charbel Taraba Don Donnelly & Bob Hasting
Ray Bruno
Mike Hall & Family
Mike Holmes & Jodi Clem
Nick & Gregg Hartz, Woody Smith & Jodi Clem Joey Tarfiff & Michelle Lauria
Robert McQuillan, Frank Rudilosso, Mark Nunn & John Perusa
Jodi Clem & Mike Dominguez Charbel & Aida Tagher, Kelly & Bob Hasting Tony Fontana, Eric Ciccone, Diane Rankin & Bill McHugh
Bob LeClair & Bill McHugh
Jeff Molchan, Cheryl Bruno & John Hurley
Judi & Jim Shirver
Tracy Smith, Sabrina Guell, Kathy Taraba & Mike Dominguez
Cynthia Gray & Angie Sims
The Gary Hamilton Family
Scott & Diane Rankin
Cheryl Bruno, Angela Hamilton, Bob & Kelly Hasting
The Ladies Tour
MIchelle Tesche & Theresa Gamble
    Aedan Gleeson, Tom Hottenroth & Chris Downey Mark Kelly & Aedan Gleeson Mark Kelly, Michelle Teshe & Tony Fontana     Aedan Gleeson, Bob LeClair & Tom Hottenroth
Aedan Gleeson, Scott Rankin & Bob LeClair Mike Dominguez, Gary Hamilton, Bob LeClair &  Tracy Smith Don Sabrsula, Bob Hasting & Mike Dominguez Randy Bosscawen, Terry Minton, Eric Keeton & Mike Holmes Aedan Gleeson & Scott Rankin Bill Hoos with Leigh Hays & Jim Venezia Scott Rankin, Tom Hottenroth, Jodi Clem, Eric Keeton & Tom Hottenroth  
    Gary Hamilton, Bob Hasting, MIke Dominguez & Bill Hoos
Bill Hoos, Aedan Gleeson & Randy Bosscawen
  Bob Hasting, Gary Hamilton & Ken Slama 2009 President Bill Hoos Incoming FCIA President Randy Bosscawen
Key Biscayne Reception Bob LeClair, Kathy Taraba & Scott Rankin Tony Fontana, Angie Sims & Randy Bosscawen Bil McHugh Outgoing FCIA Pres. Bill Hoos greets Randy Bosscawen Bill Hoos & Jodi Clem Pat Tesche & Bill Hoos Jeff Gould & Bill Hoos
Jodi Clem & Michelle Tesche Randy Bosscawen & Mike Holmes Tony Gamble, Ken Slama & Bob LeClair   Jim Shriver, Jim Young & Robert Gomez Robert Gomez, John Hurley & Bert Hugger Jim Venezia & Joseph Karkour