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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

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  3. Fire Resistance Rated and Smoke Resistant Effective Compartmentation - For much more information, visit the Life Safety Digest Archives, under 'magazine' to the left..
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Firestopping Technical Information

4/2006 Firestopping needs in a commercial building
By Hilti

11/3/05 Firestopping made simple
features firestop systems for penetrations with pipe covering

11/3/05 UL's new "W" Rating
brings new advantages and disadvantages for architects, engineers, firestopping contractors. Learn more in this article

Insulation on target
Exterior wall systems of retailer's Minneapolis headquarters perform triple functions. By Mindi Zissman, Assistant Editor Building Design and Construction -- 11/1/01

Glossary of Firestop Terms
by William J. McHugh, Jr.

Selecting Through-Penetration Firestops
by Chas E. Magdanz, PE, CIPE

Firestopping Quality Process Programs

1/2007 The Firestopping Quality Process.
Bill McHugh

11/3/05 ASTM article features standards
used for construction quality in compartmentation, through FM 4991 Approved Contractors and ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Inspections

11/3/05 Firestopping Quality Process
brings manufacturing's ISO 9000 type quality process to the construction industry

Setting the Standards, 5/2/05
FCIA’s Firestopping Quality Process brings manufacturing’s quality process to the construction industry. Firestop contractor qualification and inspection both play a critical role. By Bill McHugh & Aedan Gleeson

Letter to ENR Fire Protection Article, June 7, 2004
Salute to ENR for publishing an article on Fire Protection in ENR's June 7, 2004 edition.

Construction Specifier, July 2003
Ending the "He Who Pokes It, Fills It" Mentality Firestopping for the 21st Century, by Bill McHugh. The "Construction Specifier" is the publication of the Construction Specifications Institute.

Firestopping - New standards, ‘zero tolerance’ policies guide for the firestopping business
Read what Bill McHugh wrote in his article, currently also featured on NIA' website.

"Direct Input Newsletter", October, 2003
Richard Keeney - Florida Association of Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Inspectors.

BSD Fall Newsletter
BSD Speclink added FM 4991 to its firestopping master specification system. You can also peruse the complete newsletter.

The FCIA in the news:
Read the article "Group promotes benefits of certified firestoppers" in the June 29th edition of the "Daily Commercial News" in which Bill McHugh is quoted.

Factory Mutual begins to approve Contractors
FM Press Release as of January 31, 2001

Approved Product News
Volume 17, Number 2, 2001 of the "Factory Mutual Research and Approvals" publication.

Evolution of Firestopping
May 2007 Issue of 'Insulation Outlook', PDF format

The Firestopping Industry Today and Tomorrow, 6/2001
by William J. McHugh, Jr.
You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view this document.

The Firestop Systems Industry
"An Executive Summary" by Bill McHugh

How to Avoid Firestopping Liability
"Knowledge of the legal issues concerning firestop work can diminish liability problems" by Karen L. Pszanka-Layng

by Bill McHugh

NIA Article (6/2000)
by Bill McHugh

ALA Article on Fire Protection (4/2001)
by Bill McHugh

Effective Compartmentation & Fire-Resistance

Wall Street Journal on Combustible Cladding, Grenfell Tower

January 2009, Houston News Video, “Hidden Holes”
Fire Safe of Houston (Don Sabrsula)

11/3/05 Construction Specifications Canada Magazine
FCIA Members Mike McClure, Keith Brebner, Rob Hlady, Barclay Myers and Executive Director Bill McHugh write about Compartmentation and Firestopping

11/3/05 Firestopping and compartmentation
require maintenence to maintain effectiveness. Read about how to maintain the elements of compartmentation

11/3/05 Optimization of fire protection systems
may be more risk than should be accepted by society. Read about the debate in this article

Is “Optimization” Really Optimal?, 5/2/05
Optimization of fire protection systems: great use of resources or public safety risk? By Bill McHugh

Firestopping & Effective compartmentation strategies, 6/16/05
By Keith Brebner, Mike McClure and Bill McHugh

Sprinklers, Detection, Compartmentation
Chicago, the birthplace of the High Rise Building, debates Fire Protection Methods. FCIA urges the City to take advantage of already existing compartmentation first, then add detection and sprinklers as owners can afford them.

FCIA offers Firestopping education
FCIA was saddened to hear of the loss of life at the Greensboro Comfort Inn, and offers it's assistance to authorities to educate about Firestopping, Fire and Life Safety.

10/ 03 Press Release: "Passive compartmented fire protection - the life safety solution"
The FCIA's comments regarding the recent fire in the high rise County Building in Chicago.

8/03 Why Not Have Both?
FCIA Board Member Richard Keeney speaks out about the importance of both Passive and Active Fire and life safety systems.

Fire Walls & Floors

Dallas News 4/14/05
Addison TX Condo Owners not pleased that Firestopping was overlooked. 

Compartmentation Research


9/2005 Sprinkler Systems Reliability
FCIA Code Consultant Bill Koffel updates his article originally published in March 2004.

2/15/06 USA TODAY, Defective Sprinklers Still In Use   
USA Today reporter, Peter Eisler discusses 3 brands of defective Sprinklers still in use

2/12/06 USA TODAY, Defective Sprinklers Spur Fire Officials
USA TODAY reporter Perter Eisler reports that fire officials are pushing for backups in the case of defective sprinklers from such companies as Tyco

Reliability of Automatic Sprinkler Systems, March 2004
by Bill Koeffel

Sprinklers just the start in keeping buildings safe from fire
Chicago Sun-Times article in which Dr. Gene Corley, Chicago Council on High Rise Buildings Member, speaks for Passive Fire Protection.

How Safe Would You be in an Office Fire?
Article by Dr. Gene Corley, Senior Vice President, Construction Technology Laboratories, Skokie, IL; Team Leader, World Trade Center Building Performance Study.

Norristown Fire of March 30, 2001
Craig Walkins [EGS/SKO] found this interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Take special notice to the beginning of the article, second paragraph, first sentence.

Making the Case for Balanced Design - Why Sprinklers Are Not Enough;
By Lee Jones, Association of Walls and Ceilings, International (AWCI)

Maintaining Life Safety Effectiveness in the New Building Codes, 6/2001
by Richard Licht, Codes & Standards Manager 3M Specified Construction Products
You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view this document.

1980 fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas
Clark County Fire Department has made the findings of their investigation of this second largest life-loss hotel fire in United States history available to the general public.

Experience in North America
The cost of Conflagration by George Anolik

Fire Rated Ductwrap & Cable/Conduit

11/3/05 Ductwrap
is another fire protection system firestopping contractors are well qualified to install. Learn more about Duct Fire Protection Systems in this article

Duct Wrap
Flexible Duct Wrap as an alternative To Fireresistance Rated Shaft Building Enclosures In The BOCA National Codes by Steven R. Thorsell, L.A., CSI

General Firestopping

Maintaining Your Firestop Investment, 5/2/05
A successful firestopping installation is only half of the safety equation. Effective compartmentation also requires ongoing inspection and maintenance. By Bill McHugh

The International Code Council
Dave Conover, International Code Council, submitted this informative article about code development.

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