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Board of Directors

Serving on FCIA's Board of Directors - A Great Experience

FCIA's Board of Directors is a very diverse and passionate group of Contractors.  Each person has chosen

to give back to their association through serving on the Board and in many other ways.  It is common

among Board Members that:

  • They attended FCIA Conferences and understood FCIA activities through active participation prior to Board service..
  • Although not required, FCIA Board Members took the initiative to get active at FCIA through Committee Participation prior to applying for the Board.
  • The Board Members have the ability to travel to FCIA Conferences, two Board Meetings per year,
    and donate time for the good of the Firestopping industry and FCIA.
  • They understand industry issues including Accreditation, Apprenticeship, Code, Standards, Technical, Legislative and more prior to serving on the Board.

For the Association to thrive and grow it needs good leaders. Are you a Firestop Contractor leader who wants to give back to the association and industry?  Then FCIA's Board wants you!  Get involved today!

FCIA 2016-2017 Board of Directors

L-R:Tracy Smith (Director), Bob Hasting (Director), Don Murphy (Treasurer), Jay McGuire (Director), Eric Keeton (Secretary), Gary Hamilton (Past Past President), Bryant Bickmore (Vice President), Mark Dietz (President), David White (Director) and Ken Slama (Past President).  Not Pictured: Aedan Gleeson (Director).


FCIA 2015 Board of Directors

L-R: Gary Hamilton (President), Bob Hasting (Director), Tracy Smith (Past President), Scott Rankin (Director), Don Murphy (Director), Mark Dietz (Director), Jay McGuire (Director), Aedan Gleeson (Director), Bryant Bickmore (Director), Eric Keeton (Past President)

Not Pictured: Ken Slama (Director)


FCIA 2014 Board of Directors


L-R: Eric Keeton (President); Tracy Smith (Past President); Don Murphy (Director); Jodi Clem (Past President); Scott Rankin (Director); Mark Dietz (Director); Gary Hamilton (Director); Ken Slama (Director)

Not Pictured: Bob Hasting (Director)



FCIA 2013 Board of Directors


L-R - President Tracy Smith

Past Presidents: Jodi Clem, Bob Hasting

Directors: Gary Hamilton, Ken Slama, Eric Keeton, Don Murphy, Scott Rankin,

Not Pictured: Mindi Schrader




For more information on Past Boards, visit the Board of Directors Archives.





FCIA Board Elections & Nominations

The FCIA is honored that many people have volunteered their time to help guide the association as Members of the Board of Directors. FCIA Board Members are required to attend teleconferences and travel to Board Meetings at their own expense. FCIA Board Members also chair or participate in various committees as well.

Interested in being a Director? Email by early September of each year and your interest will be passed on to the FCIA Nominating Committee.

FCIA's Directors are elected by the FCIA Voting Membership.  The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the Board.

FCIA Past Leadership

The FCIA honors Past Presidents and Steering Committee Members for their dedication to the industry and the association.

FCIA's Steering Committee group of 7 dedicated people charted the direction for the association that has laid groundwork for growth and stability.


Annual Reports

2009 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report