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One of the founding principles of FCIA is the ongoing mission to build the reliability of installed Firestop Systems through the 'DIIM' of Firestopping, as well as contributing to the advancement of the Firestop and Effective Compartmentation industry while maintaining exceptional knowledge of this specialized trade.

Through active advocacy for the industry, as well as consistent and wide-spread educational outreach to interested individuals involved in all aspects of the building process, FCIA and FCIA Contractor Members stand as the industry experts in the Specialized Trade of Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation.

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FCIA Educational Webinar Series


FCIA Webinars are offererd FREE to members, non-members, building code officials, fire marshals, specifiers and anyone interested. Watch the FCIA.org home page for the next Webinar.


12/18/19     'The FCIA Educational Webinar Series: A Year in Review' - PRESENTATION ONLY

11/20/19     'The First Step is Maintenance' - PRESENTATION ONLY

10/15/19      'Fire-Resistance-Rated = Fire Wall...Right?' - PRESENTATION ONLY - Bill Koffel, Koffel Assoc.

09/18/19      'FCIA & Identification Systems - Labeling of Firestopping' - PRESENTATION ONLY

08/29/19      'Construction Without Oversight' - PRESENTATION ONLY - Bill McHugh, Douglas Evans, P.E.

07/24/19      'Fire Resistance Testing' - PRESENTATION ONLY - Bill McHugh, Rich Walke, UL

06/26/19      'The FM 2991 Approval Process for Firestop Contractors' - PRESENTATION - Bill McHugh,

                      Joseph Nunes, FM Approvals

05/22/19      'FCIA & Identification Systems - Labeling of Firestopping' - PRESENTATION ONLY

04/17/19      'FCIA & Identification Systems - Labeling of Firestopping' - PRESENTATION ONLY

03/13/19      'UL Firestop Programs' - Bill McHugh , Ruben Sandoval (UL) - RECORDING, PRESENTATION

02/20/19      'FCIA & Firestop Inspection' - PRESENTATION ONLY

01/23/19      'FCIA's 'DIIM' - Back to the Basics' - PRESENTATION ONLY



11/29/18     'Fire-Resistance & You' - PRESENTATION ONLY

10/18/18     'The Inventory of Fire-Resistance' - PRESENTATION ONLY

09/26/18     'Inspecting & Maintaining Swinging Egress & Fire Doors' - PRESENTATION ONLY - Bill McHugh,

                     Keith Pardoe, FDAI, DAHC, CDC

08/22/18     ''M' is for Maintenance' - PRESENTATION ONLY

07/25/18     ''I'nstallation & 'I'nspection: The Meat of the 'DIIM' Sandwich' - PRESENTATION ONLY

06/20/18     'Mediation: A Lean Approach to Resolving Disputes without Litigation' - RECORDING

                     'Mediation: A Lean Approach to Resolving Disputes without Litigation' - PRESENTATION

05/23/18     'Smoke Control, An Overview with a Discussion of the Benefits of Firestopping' - PRESENTATION


04/26/18     ''I' is for Inspection - What That Means for You - PRESENTATION ONLY

03/21/18     'Perimeter Interior Fire-Containment Systems: What You Need to Know' - PRESENTATION ONLY

02/21/18     'Fire-Resistive Joint Systems: More Than Meets the Eye' - PRESENTATION ONLY

01/24/18     'The 'DIIM' of Firestopping 101: How to Properly 'D'esign, 'I'nstall, 'I'nspect and 'M'aintain Installed

                     Firestop Systems' - PRESENTATION ONLY



12/20/17     Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation - A Year in Review - PRESENTATION ONLY

11/29/17     Who is FCIA? FCIA News, Updates and More & Maintenance & Management - PRESENTATION


10/17/17     'Just What is Required for Certification Under the UL QFCP (Qualified Firestop Contractors

                     Program)?' - Bill McHugh, Pam Blanchette, Matt Schumann, PRESENTATION ONLY

09/13/17     'The 'DIIM' of Firestopping Explained' - PRESENTATION ONLY

08/23/17     FM 4991 Approved Contractors - What's that Mean? - Bill McHugh, Jeff Gould, PRESENTATION


07-19-17    Changes to the IBC that Affect YOUR Business! - Bill Koffel, PRESENTATION ONLY

06/14/17     Not Your Father's Glazing: Understanding the Fire-Rated Glazing of Today - Bill McHugh, Rich


05/25/17     Firestop Training Done Right: The FCIA Firestop Containment Worker Education Program -


04/12/17     The Facts and Myths About the Fire- and Smoke-Rated Fabric Industry - PRESENTATION ONLY

03/22/17     Firestop Training Done Right: The FCIA Firestop Containment Worker Education Program -


02/28/17     REPEAT OF 02-23-17 PROGRAM

02-23-17     If You Build It (Right), They Will Maintain It (Right) - PRESENTATION ONLY

01-25-17     A Study on the 'DIIM' of Firestopping - PRESENTATION ONLY



12-21-17     FCIA: A Firestop Year in Review and More - PRESENTATION ONLY

11-17-16     Barrier Management Systems - New Construction to Existing Buildings - PRESENTATION ONLY

09-28-16     To Inspect or Not to Inspect?  That Is the Question... - PRESENTATION ONLY

08-18-16     Shining the Light on Gypsum: What Is It, How Do You Repair It and More - Bill McHugh, Nestor Sanchez - PRESENTATIONS ONLY

07-19-16     Shining the Light on Gypsum: What Is It, How Do You Repair It and More - Bill McHugh, Nestor Sanchez - PRESENTATIONS ONLY

06-08-16     Special Inspection for Firestopping - The Ins & Outs You Need to Know - PRESENTATION ONLY

05-12-16     The ICC Committee Action Hearings - Bill McHugh, Bill Koffel - PRESENTATIONS ONLY

04-14-16     The Two-Hour Barrier Management Symposium - PRESENTATION ONLY

03-29-16     Solving the Riddle of F, T, L, H and W Ratings - PRESENTATION ONLY

02-24-16     Protecting the Perimeter - Critical to Fire- and Life-Safety? - PRESENTATION ONLY

01-27-16     A Study on the 'DIIM' of Firestopping - PRESENTATION ONLY


12-10-15     Protecting the Perimeter - Critical to Fire- and Life-Safety? - PRESENTATION ONLY

10-23-15     Contractor Qualification Programs: What Are They and Do They Work? - PRESENTATION ONLY

09-02-15     Barrier Management Systems - PRESENTATION ONLY

07-22-15     Barrier Management: A Short Program on the Whys and the Hows - PRESENTATION ONLY

05-20-15     FCIA Inspection & Firestopping DIIM Webinar - PRESENTATION ONLY

04-30-15     Firestopping and The Center for Campus Fire Safety - PRESENTATION ONLY

04-16-15     Special Inspection for Firestopping - Required By the International Building Code? - PRESENTATION ONLY
04-01-15     An In-Depth Look at the FM 4991 Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors and UL/ULC Qualified Contractor Programs - PRESENTATION ONLY

02-18-15     The Codes, EJ's, EFRRA's and Your Tested and Listed Firestop System - PRESENTATION ONLY

01-15-15     A Study on the DIIM of Firestopping - PRESENTATION ONLY



12-17-14     DIIM: A Closer Look at the Installation and Inspection Pieces of the DIIM of Firestopping - PRESENTATION ONLY

11-18-14     DIIM: Inspection Wrap-Up & Maintenance - PRESENTATION ONLY

11-18-14     FCIA DIIM: Barrier Management System from DIIM Webinar

10-15-14     DIIM: Inspection Part 4 - The Competence and Independence of the Special Inspection Agency and Inspector, and more on DIIM - PRESENTATION ONLY

09-03-14     FCIA DIIM Webinar: Part 3 - Inspection, Accreditation and the ASTM Standards E 2174 and E 2393 - PRESENTATION ONLY

08-14-14     FCIA DIIM: Inspection, Accreditation, and the ASTM Standards E 2174 and E 2393

05-29-14     FCIA DIIM Webinar: A Deeper Look on Inspection

01-21-14     FCIA DIIM Webinar: The "I and I"



09-20-12     FCIA DIIM & Firestopping Webinar




Barrier Management Symposium

Some of The Joint Commission's top Survey Violations are Penetrations and Door issues in Fire and Smoke Barriers. The Barrier Management Symposium is designed to increase the awareness about how these Barriers are designed, installed, inspected and managed for long term fire and life safety...and reduce these Survey violations.

Find all past Barrier Management Symposium Presentations HERE.



Additional Assorted FCIA Presentations & Programs


FCIA Firestop & Effective Compartmentation 'DIIM' Symposium Canada - Montreal, QC - September 25, 2019

'A Study on the 'DIIM' of Firestopping' at the Office of General Services - Albany, NY - September 2019

Presented at the Office of General Services - Albany, NY

'Fire Separations –Fire Resistance & Firestopping Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance' at Canada CSC - May 2019

Presented at CSC's Regina Conference


Role of Passive Fire Protection Systems in Maintaining Building Fire- & Life-Safety - December 2018

Presented at BNP's Webinar On-Demand

FCIA's 'DIIM' Canada CSC - December 2018

Presented at CSC's Edmonton, Alberta Chapter Meeting

FCIA, Fire Resistance and International Fire Code at ICC Building Safety & Design Expo 2018

Presented at ICC in Richmond, VA

FCIA, Fire Codes and Specs at CST/CONSTRUCT 2018

Presented at CSI/CONSTRUCT 2018 in Long Beach, CA


Barrier Management Symposium: Improving Barriers Nationwide

Presented at the ASHE Annual Conference 2015

2009 and Earlier

Fire and Life Safety Through Effective Compartmentation and Firestopping

Presented at CSC 2009

Inspection Results

Presented at the FCIA Education & Committee Action Conference 2008 (Seattle)

FCIA Presented FCIA's DIIM at AWCI’s Annual Convention
FCIA welcomes new members who join in addition to their AWCI Membership

The Firestopping Quality Process
This is the updated program as of 1/23/07

Compartmentation Symposium
By CSI, as of 03/28/06

The Firestopping Quality Process
(20 MB PowerPoint presentation), This presentation is approved for AIA CES Continuing Education Units.  This is the 2006 Program.

Outline, FCIA Firestopping Quality Process Program

This Document explains the Powerpoint Presentation listed above (Word document)

Lessons Learned - An International Airport Project
by Richard Smits - This program disusses the concept of organzing penetrating items during design stage, to minimize conflicts with structural, mechanical and electrical systems, minimizing reworking penetrations to meet firestop systems requirements.  Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, Nov 2003 (WARNING: 16 MB PowerPoint presentation)

FCIA EFC Maintenance

Maintenance of Effective Compartmentation Presentation - Bill McHugh and Scott Rankin

Effective Compartmentation Testing

Rich Walke, PE, of UL, presented to FCIA's 2004 Firestop Industry Conference Attendees this excellent primer about testing protocols for products. This supports an industry strategy that Effective Compartementation performs well when properly designed with tested and listed systems, installed by FCIA Member, FM 4991 Contractors, Inspected to ASTM E 2174 protocol, and Maintained per FCIA's new Maintenance of Effective Compartmentation recommendations.

FCIA Duct Fire Protection Systems Presentation

Dana Decker, 3M Fire Protection Products, Nov 2004

FCIA Code Efforts

Bill Koffel, May 2003

Risk Management

Robert Larson, Nov 2002

Quality Control Manuals

Jeff Gould, Nov 2002

If you are attempting to become FM Approved, and want help writing your quality manual, check out this presentation. 

NFPA 5000 Code Update

Bill Koffel, Nov 2002





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