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FCIA E-Newsletter: Volume 20, Issue 1

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FCIA’s ECA is Memphis Bound

FCIA’s Education and Committee Action Conference - ECA 2018 - is bound for Memphis, TN May 2-4. Don’t miss this technically focused event. Hear from:

  • Bill Koffel (Koffel Associates) as he reports on FCIA’s actions at the ICC 2021 Code Development Process;
  • Philip J. Siegel (Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel) on the “Top 10 Employment Law Mistakes Made by Fire Safety Contractors (and How to Avoid Them!)”;
  • Luke Woods (UL) discuss the UL STP Initiatives & Guide Information;
  • Kevin Dougherty (Construction Speaker) continues the discussion started in November with “Frontline Project Profitability”;
  • FCIA Manufacturer Member Technical Personnel for Part II in the “Top Questions from the Help Desk” session series;
  • Your peers in the FCIA Contractor Members Only Session;
  • Dennis Hall (Hall Architects, Inc.) on “Firestopping & Existing Buildings – Did It Get Done Right?”;

Plus, sessions on FCIA in Canada’s Codes, Partnership Program updates, the FCIA Education for the Firestop Exams and so much more!

Registration is open. Reserve your seat today!

Discounted Hotel reservations at the Peabody Hotel, a Memphis Classic, are available until April 2. Secure your room today.




ICC Code Development Cycle Starts

FCIA put in a few strategic code development proposals at the International Code Council’s 2021 Code Development Process. The proposals, due January 8, are now in the system. The proposals will be heard April 15-25 at the Committee Action Hearings in Columbus, OH. Don’t’ forget to tune in at to watch the proposals from FCIA, the International Firestop Council and many others. We’ll get more specific times once the ICC releases the schedule!


FCIA continues its work making the ‘IIM’ from the ‘DIIM’ part of the International Building Code. In proposal FS47, FCIA proposes that firestopping for penetrations and joints be installed by Contractors qualified by UL/ULC or FM Approvals or an Approved Agency (‘I’-Installation). F47 applies to buildings 420’ or greater in height. There’s an exception for work that’s of minor nature, which is a repair or Alteration Level 1 as defined by the IEBC. UL/ULC Qualified or FM Approved Contractors exist in areas where 420’ high buildings are located.

In FS46, FCIA put comments from ICC’s 2018 Code Cycle in creating detailed requirements for identifying the firestop system using identification devices (‘I’-Installation). In S21, FCIA proposes to add a Special Inspection requirement to Group R occupancies with occupant load greater than 250 (‘I’-Inspection).

Finally, in F90, FCIA adds to the International Fire Code a final point overlooked during the FCAC Chapter 7 reorganization during 2018’s cycle. F90 states that in existing buildings during annual visual inspection, where firestop system design numbers are known, the system shall be inspected to the listing criteria and manufacturers installation instructions (‘M’-Maintenance). Look for a report on the results in the next issue of Life Safety Digest.



NFPA Code Development Cycle Getting Started

NFPA 101, The Fire and Life Safety Code, plus NFPA 5000, Building Construction and Safety Code, have their revision cycles starting the week of July 26, 2018 with meetings of the Technical Committees.




The FCIA spent time on teleconferences with the National Research Council of Canada Code Committee for the National Building Code of Canada Code Development Process. The committee heard several proposals about firestop inspection, the term ‘firestop’ vs ‘fire stop’, maintaining fire-resistance in existing buildings, the requirement for a FM 4991 or ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor in the codes and more. We had some progress on the issues, but still have a long way to go. Thanks to FCIA Canada Committee Chair, Jim Smiley, for continued efforts with FCIA leadership at the NRC.




FCIA Board Meets

FCIA’s Board of Directors met at Dallas to cover 2018’s initiatives and actions. The complete board met with David Barbier, head of the Firestop and Fireproofing Industry segments at HILTI over breakfast as well. Whenever near one of the FCIA Manufacturer Members, FCIA’s Board takes time to visit.





FCIA’s Firestop Industry Manual of Practice Chapter on Inspection is complete and has been sent to the printer for formatting. This is the first time the MOP has contained detailed information on Inspection. FCIA Members who have purchased an MOP, will receive this new chapter in your Inbox mid-March.


FCIA Speaks at CSI Orlando

The Construction Specifications Institute, Greater Orlando Chapter, had a program on exterior wall assemblies, Metal Composite Panel assemblies, the code requirements and standards. FCIA’s Executive Director, Bill McHugh, participated remotely via PowerPoint and phone connection. Watch for more on this issue at the ICC Code Development Hearings in April.



CPVC Pipes & Firestopping

We at the FCIA Office were made aware that a Chlorinated Polyvinyl (CPVC) Pipe manufacturer has published a bulletin on products that might not be compatible with CPVC Pipe. Check it out at FCIA’s Technical Resources pages. That’s where the info about copper piping from the Copper Development Association is located as well. As with all products used, verify compatibility of firestop products with penetrating items and other contacted surfaces with the firestop product manufacturer.



FCIA Educational Webinar Series
March Program Registering NOW

The FCIA FREE Educational Webinar Series announces the March installment in the monthly instructional webinar program.

Perimeter Interior Fire Containment is designed to prevent fire spread via the void created at the intersection of the horizontal assembly - floor slab - and the interior of the exterior wall assembly. Left unprotected, this gap, breach or void acts as a conduit for fire spread by allowing fast fire transmission from floor to floor from the inside of the a fire superhighway. Even a small void can create a risk for those building occupants and first-responders of unimaginable magnitude.

In this March 21 program, ‘Perimeter Fire-Containment Systems: What You Need to Know’, guest presenter, Angie Ogino (Thermafiber) will explain what perimeter interior fire-containment is, how to properly design, install and inspect these systems, as well as the code requirements and more of this critical element of passive fire protection.

Registration is NOW OPEN. Register Today.


When: Wed, March 21

Time: 10:00 am CDT




FCIA Committees Active

FCIA’s Accreditation Committee spent time working on 2018 initiatives for the FM 4991, Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors and the UL/ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program. They continue to have conversations with both FM and UL about how the programs can be promoted more in the industry through many channels. Jill Norcott joins Jeff Gould on the FM 4991 Approved Program, while Ruben Sandoval joins Matt Schumann for the UL/ULC Qualified Contractor Program.

FCIA’s Code Committee submitted a few proposals to the ICC Code Development Process. FCIA’s Canada Committee is busy working on the proposals submitted to the National Research Council of Canada. The Technical, Education and Apprenticeship Committee is working on revamping the FCIA Videos used for educating workers. The Committee wants the program to be more self-taught for easier use by companies to train personnel. FCIA’s Marketing Committee has been planning 2018’s Trade Show activities, while the Program Committee is working on the FCIA 2018 Conference Educational Program Content.

Wherever they are, FCIA Committee Members come together to build better fire- and life-safety in buildings through quality firestopping.



ICC Promotes Code Officials

The International Code Council (ICC) launched a new online resource — the Value of the Code Official toolkit — that helps government officials, ICC members and others build awareness for the Code Official’s significant role within their communities. This new resource also encourages students and young professionals to join the industry’s pipeline of qualified professionals.

“The Value of the Code Official toolkit builds on the Code Council’s innovative work through the High School Technical Training Program, the Military Families Building Safety Program and our other Safety 2.0 programs,” said Code Council Board President, Jay Elbettar, P.E.


NFPA Fire Risk Report & Tool

Based on several recent fires in high-rise buildings clad with combustible wall insulation systems, global enforcement authorities are revisiting their existing building inventories to assess potential risks. There are multiple risk factors which may impact the level of risk and the consequent priority for inspection and/or remediation. Authorities are seeking a means to make these assessments and decisions based on the risk factors, using a risk informed methodology. Based on the needs, a new “High-Rise Buildings with Combustible Exterior Wall Assemblies Fire Risk Tool” was developed and issued by NFPA in February 2018. Download the report at

Firestopping is mentioned in the report, specifically penetrations, as part of compartmentation. Perimeter interior (safing slot) fire containment for passive fire-safety measures associated with the façade system is mentioned as a way to delay fire spread in the insulation and air gap between the cladding and insulation or main structure. Watch for more about this topic in future issues of Life Safety Digest.

ASTM Work Item for Fireproofing Inspection

The National Fireproofing Contractors Association Technical Standards Committee Members are working together on a new standard for fireproofing inspection. More on this as it develops.



FCIA Membership

Is there a contractor company, firestop inspection agency, distributor, manufacturers rep or manufacturer that you know who is not an FCIA Member but should be? Forward their contact info to Cathy Burns at FCIA and she’ll give them a call.





NASFM's New Tool

The National Association of State Fire Marshals has developed a tool outlining the importance of multiple layers of fire safety features in the built environment.

The research reports are listed at NASFM’s Project Fail Safe section at the following website:

The project has produced a “Risk Evaluation MATRIX” that reports on the analysis of the impact of trade-offs of passive and active building safety features.



Barrier Management Symposiums Expanding

The FCIA’s Accreditation and Marketing Committees worked together to build the Barrier Management Symposium with UL, ASHE and The Joint Commission. The Symposiums have been well received by Healthcare Facility Engineer Members of ASHE in many areas. Over 1,000 have been educated about how to properly evaluate and maintain fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies in hospitals. We have more Symposiums planned with ASHE Chapters, as well as Educational Occupancies. Look for one in your area soon!


Doors & Safety

The Door Security & Safety Foundation of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) has worked hard at making swinging doors of all types – fire-rated and non-fire-rated – reliable and safe. DHI has focused their efforts on inspection of existing fire door assemblies in buildings through NFPA 80’s Annual Door Inspection requirements. This heightened awareness that fire doors need to work as intended for the life-cycle of the building is something that the International Fire Code also reflects through the Chapter 7’s requirements for annual inspection of all fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies.

The DHI’s recent campaign deals with making sure that fire-doors are not obstructed, interfered with nor modified in ways that would violate the fire-resistance-rating of the assembly. Check out their efforts in this issue and at



Performance-Based Design for Fire-Resistance

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has produced an Appendix in document ASCE-7 whereby fire-resistance is purported to be handled via performance-based design. While it seems to make sense, there are issues with performance-based design for fire-resistance, rather than actual fire-testing. In fire-resistance, there are many chemistries in the product manufacture that change from time to time. Plus, fire-testing is the only real way to simulate the performance of an assemblage of products. We urge that performance-based design AND fire-resistance testing be used to design fire-safe buildings. Fire-resistance, alarms and detection and sprinkler systems are the primary protection in a building. It’s important that the fire-resistance be proven with testing.


CSC & CSI Renew MasterFormat Agreement

Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), committed to the improved of construction documentation, and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), a national association dedicated to improving the communication of construction information and, recently announced the ten-year renewal of an agreement to license and support MasterFormat® in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. Firestopping continues to have its own section in MasterFormat®. FCIA’s Technical Committee commented on the development of the original document and some revisions as well.

TGP Acquired by Allegion

On Jan. 2, officials from Allegion Plc, a leading global security products and solutions provider, announced the company has acquired fire-rated entrance and wall system supplier, Technical Glass Products, through one of its subsidiaries. Current TGP President Jeff Razwick will continue to lead the business. FCIA has a long history of partnering with TGP, including through Life Safety Digest, as well as the Barrier Management Symposiums, where TGP Founder, Jerry Razwick, spoke at some of the early programs. We wish the best for our friends at TGP and Allegion.

Thanks to the many FCIA Members, Building Code Officials and Fire Marshals for attending.


EMSEAL Acquired by SIKA

FCIA Member, EMSEAL Joint Systems, LTD, has been purchased by SIKA. The EMSEAL management team of CEO, Lester Hensley, President, Dan O’Hayer and Vice President and Director of R&D, Bill Witherspoon, along with their entire respective Marketing, Sales, Administration and Manufacturing managers and staff will continue to drive EMSEAL’s success under Sika’s ownership.

“We have been fortunate to have had such supportive ownership over the last nine years under private equity firm Fulham & Company,” comments Lester Hensley. “We are equally pleased to be joining the Sika family and feel this is absolutely the best fit for the next exciting stage in EMSEAL’s global growth plan.”

SIKA is a specialty chemicals company known for SIKA sealant and adhesives, waterproofing, repair and other concrete related products, as well as SIKA-Sarnafil Roofing. We wish the team at EMSEAL all the best at SIKA.



Close Before You Doze & Close the Door

The fire service has stated that residential fires move through homes faster than ever. Research conducted in July 2017 by UL’s Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) found that, during a home fire, conditions in rooms with closed doors provided a safer environment for their occupants and increased their chances of survival. The study, which was conducted during a simulated basement fire, found that during a critical ten-minute period temperatures and concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide reached potentially life-threatening levels in a room with an open door, while an adjacent room with a closed door successfully maintained temperatures and oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels more consistent with survivable conditions.

While this movement – supported by UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) - is not talking about a fire door, it does build the right awareness that doors – especially fire-doors – need to close and latch to protect people in fire conditions. The fire service seems to be the group behind this. Check out their websites at - and



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FCIA Welcomes New Members

FCIA works hard to spread the word of the 'DIIM' of Firestopping around the world, encouraging all interested Contractors, Consultant Firms, Associates, Manufacturers, Manufacturer Rep Firms and more to become involved to grow the industry's call for better Fire and Life Safety.

FCIA proudly welcomes new members, and we thank them for their support and commitment to the Firestop industry.

Thank you to all current members, as well, for helping to grow FCIA and the Specialty Firestop trade, resulting in improved Fire and Life Safety Systems.

FCIA New Contractor Members

  • AAA Firestop, Inc. - Indian Trail, NC
  • American Plumbing & Heating Corporation - Norwell, MA
  • AIRTEK Indoor Air Solutions - Azusa, CA
  • Bilodeau Drywall Corp. - Sidney, ME
  • The Caulkers Company, Inc. - Fridley, MN
  • Fire Door Solutions - Stilwell, KS
  • Mongrain Inc. - Laval, QC
  • Mortenson Construction - Brookfield, WI

FCIA New Contractor Branch Members

  • Advanced Specialty Contractors - East Petersburg, PA
  • East Coast Applicators, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

FCIA New International Contractor Members

  • Advance Matrix Contracting - Jeddah, KSA
  • Crown House Technology UAE, LLC - Dubai, UAE
  • Eplusb Kimya, Ltd. - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Fire Drop WLL - Doha, Qatar
  • Firestop Middle East - Doha, Qatar
  • Isam Kabbani & Partners for Construction and Maintenance - CRES Division - Jeddah, KSA
  • Safe Energy SPA - Santiago, Chili

FCIA New Associate Members

  • All Therm Services, Inc. - Burnaby, BC
  • Exova Warringtonfire Consulting Ltd. - Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Fire Wise Consultants - Dublin, CA
  • Hub Construction Supplies & Equipment - San Bernadino, CA
  • Phoenix Building International Fire Safety Consultancy - Dubai, UAE
  • QCA Building Envelope Ltd. - Wannipeg, MB
  • Terracon Consultants - San Antonio, TX
  • UW Valley Medical Center - Renton, WA

FCIA New Friend of FCIA Members

  • Public Services & Procurement Canada - Gafineau, QC

FCIA Members: Do you have more than one Branch location?  Make it easier to be found worldwide with a 'Branch Membership' and Listing' at Questions?  Email and we'll fill you in.



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